Friday Chess

Friday Night Chess is a more-casual event than our main club night on Mondays.

The  night is mainly be aimed at junior and newer players. There is space for adults, especially if they are available to help organise/supervise.

The start time is 6:30pm sharp and finish time is around 8:30pm.

Schedule includes:

  • Rapid games ( 15mins + 5sec/move)
  • Blitz games ( 5mins + 2sec/move and others)
  • Knockout Tournaments (20mins + 0sec/move)
  • Special Formats (Thunder, Gambit, Endgame and Rogue)

The evening is run by Alex Huang with the help of volunteers.

Entry is free for Club members and currently free for others.

Please contact Alex at 021-0543891, if you cannot make it to the night or have any enquiries about our next event.

The schedule can be found here:


Summer Rapid 15+5 (Feb 17th, 24th and March 3rd):
1st John Liu 2nd= Wang Ying, Zoe Guan, Simon Lyall and Elina Chen.

Fun Blitz 5+2 (March 10th/March 17th):
1st= Chris Thurner and Tom Fu 3rd Simon Lyall

Summer Knockout 20+0 [16 or 32 players] (March 24th and 31st):
Top 16 Rated Players will compete at this event. Please let me know as early as possible if you wants to play in this event.

Our Final 4 contestants are: Simon Lyall, Karl Holdo, Stephen Peak and Kendrick Zhang! Semi Finals and Finals are Best of 3. The colours will be randomised using a random number generator. 1-5 gets white, 6-10 gets black. If the result is 1.5-1.5, the player who had two blacks will win.

If you are knocked out of the Knockout, you will be playing in the Rando Rapid II.

1st Simon Lyall 2nd Stephen Peak 3rd Karl Holdo 4th Kendrick Zhang
5th= Tom Fu,  John Liu, Winston Weng and Wang Ying.

Vega Link (for the entries):


Rando Rapid I 10+0 (March 24th):

Players who didn’t make it into the Summer Knockout tournament were to play in this tournament. Then, the other players who were knocked out from the Summer Knockout joined in too. Then, all the players joined in.

1st= Michael Steiner and Brian Zhao (9 wins each) 3rd= Philli Parks-Tamati and Tomas Wang (7 wins each).

Rando Rapid II 10+0 (31st March):

1st Brian Zhao (10 wins) 2nd= Michael Steiner and Uday Jain (I forgot who it was, probably it was Uday. I will confirm this on April 7th.) (9 wins)

Fun Blitz II 5+2 (7th April):

I’ve decided to change the schedule. We will do a one week blitz tournament instead of Rando Blitz, since we ran Rando Rapid in the past two weeks. Link to be updated.

1st Tom Fu (5/5 points) 2nd= Karl Holdo and Uday Jain (4/5 points)

Fast Blitz 3+2 (21st April):

We will have one week break on the 14th April due to Good Friday. Vega Link to be created.

Only six players turned up because everyone else thought it was the holidays.

We changed the format to a Double Round-Robin so that 10 games were played.

1st Rishit Patel (8/10 pts) 2nd= Jivitesh Khullar, Stephen Peak and Tom Fu (6/10 pts)

Autumn Rapid 15+5 (28th April, 5th May and 12th May)

3 nights of rapid chess action. 3 games a night.

Leading the tournament after April 28th is Simon Lyall, Michael Steiner and John Liu with 3.0/3 points.

Leading the tournament after May 5th is Simon Lyall, Michael Steiner and Stephen Peak with 5.0/6 points.

1st Simon Lyall (9/10 points) 2nd= Michael Steiner and Stephen Peak (8.5/10 points).

Fun Blitz III 5+2 (19th May)

1st Aaron Wang (7.0/7) 2nd Simon Lyall (6.0/7) 3rd Philli Parks-Tamati (5.0/7)

Autumn Knockout 20+0 (26th May and 2nd June)

A change in schedule, to start one week early on 26th May instead.
Top 16 ranked players compete. Players are added to Rando Rapid II (10+0)
once knocked out.

Our Final Four are Stephen Peak, Rishit Patel, Karl Holdo and Grant Burrows.

Semi Finals/Finals continue next week, on the 2nd June.

Karl Holdo was absent on the day, so he was replaced by Tom Fu.
Tom Fu defeated Grant Burrows in the Semi Final, while Rishit Patel defeated Stephen Peak.

The Finals was won by Rishit Patel Winning the first game with the black pieces and drawing the 2nd game with the white pieces. The rule is, in the best of three scenario, if the match is tied 1.5-1.5. The player who is playing two games with the black pieces will win the match.

Winter Rapid (June 9th, 16th, 23rd and 30th):

Winter is here! We will have four nights of Rapid Chess.

I’m not sure who reads this page, so from this point on, I will only post the results and not the Vega.

1st Tom Fu (9.5/12), 2nd Stephen Peak (8.5/12) 3rd Simon Lyall (8.0/12)

Winter Blitz 5+5 (July 7th only)

Last club tournament for Term 2. Two weeks holiday break after this one.

Simon won the tournament with 5.5/6.

Club Champs 15+10 (July 28th, Aug 4th, Aug 11th, Aug 18th)

Starting on July 28th.