Friday Chess



Our Friday Nights junior evenings are postponed until further notice. Thank you!

Friday Night Chess is a more-casual event than our main club night on Mondays.

The night is mainly aimed at junior and newer players. The games tend to be fast, exciting and good for players who just want to play for fun.

We start our sessions at 6:30pm to 8:30pm. Each session will begin with 30 minutes of tutorial followed by play which starts at 7:15pm and to finish by 8:30pm.   Players are expected to arrive early so that they could be registered to play for the night. The tutorial will start at 6:30pm.

Schedule includes:

  • Rapid Games (15mins + 5sec/move)
  • Blitz Games (5mins + 5sec/move)
  • Queenless Format (15mins + 5sec/move)
  • Minigame Night (Minigames and Variants of Chess)

The schedule can be found here:

The cost is $5 per night for the 2 hour session, or $2 per night for just the playing session. Please register your child by filling in the registration form at the venue.

Please contact Alex at 021-0543891, if you cannot make it to the night or have any enquiries about our next event.