Friday Chess

Friday Night Chess is a more-casual event than our main club night on Mondays.

The night is mainly aimed at junior and newer players. Though we do encourage adults to also take part in these games too.

The start time is around 6:30pm and finish time is around 8:30pm. Players should arrive early since we expect to start at around 6:30pm or 6:35pm and so their names could be registered in the club tournament for the evening.

Schedule includes:

  • Rapid games ( 15mins + 5sec/move)
  • Blitz games ( 5mins + 3sec/move and 5mins + 5sec/move)
  • Knockout Tournaments ( 20mins + 0sec/move )
  • Special Formats (The Gambit Rapid, The Queenless Rapid, A Hop And A Skip and Rando Rapid)

The schedule can be found here:

Entry is free for club members and a $2 voluntary donation is appreciated from non-members, but not necessary.

Please contact Alex at 021-0543891, if you cannot make it to the night or have any enquiries about our next event.

Results from Feb 2017 to October 2017: Link