Monday Chess Night

Monday is out main club night. We have up to 70 players competing in tournaments throughout the year. Around half our players are Children under 12 but almost all have been playing chess for some time.

If you (or your child) is new to chess our Friday Evening session might be a better option to start with.

General Information

  • The Club year starts in late January and runs till late December.
  • Club nights are every Monday except for Public Holidays.
  • Games start at 7pm with players arriving a few minutes before then. Players normally take 1-3 hours to play with the last game finishing around 10:30pm.
  • We currently have around 70-80 people playing in tournaments which is close to our space limit. Normally players have to enter tournaments ahead of time to be sure of a place.


There are two main formats

  • Standard is 1 game per night ( 75min + 30 sec per move)
  • Rapid is 2-3 games per night ( 25min + 5 sec per move)

Almost all tournaments are NZCF (New Zealand Chess Federation) rated. About have are FIDE (Internationally) rated.

More Information


The Auckland Chess Centre
17 Cromwell Street, Mt. Eden, Auckland
Phone: 09 630-2042
contact @

Club Captain
Simon Lyall
021 575 233