2022 ATA Teams

Team captains can register teams for the Auckland Teams Arena using this form https://forms.gle/JBZGK42JBRh7pzmm7 – don’t forget to choose a short five-letter code, too. We’ll be using it in Vega software to group players and display the standings.

You can also send us promotional information to be posted on this page – use everything legal to make players loyal to your team!


  • “The Knightmares”, led by Fergus Lee (shortcode: KNTMR)
  • “The Morphians”, led by William Liu (shortcode: MORPH) later renamed to “The Underrated” (shortcode: UNDER) during July 2022 events, to be a cover for all unrated players and whomever we think are underrated
  • “Mi Caissa, su Caissa”, led by Timothy Ha (shortcode: CAISSA)
  • “Northern Stars”, led by Zachary Yu (shortcode: NORTH)
  • Papatoetoe Chess Club, led by Philip Mukkattu (shortcode: PTCC1, in case the team gets big and we’ll need PTCC2)


  1. The Knightmares – 15.5 in June, 16.0 in July, 15.5 in August
  2. Mi Caissa, su Caissa – 11.0 in June, 14.5 in July, 13.0 in August
  3. The Underrated (previously the Morphians) – 10.5 in June, 8.5 in July, 13.5 in August
  4. Northern Stars – 11 in August

Vega by teams: June 2022 – July 2022August 2022

The Knightmares

This team was formed right before the June 2022 event and won it on 15.5 points. They’re Po’e-Tofaeono siblings (Hunter, Grayson and Tyleah), and their friend Fergus Lee.

The Morphians

This team was formed from various players in the June event, a bit randomly, but their leader William Liu became the individual winner of the overall event!

Papatoetoe Chess Club

A famous chess club which needs no introduction 🙂

Mi Caissa, su Caissa

Our team name comes from a successful team in the Lichess4545.com league, in which I (Timothy) played. “Mi Caissa, su Caissa” (a wordplay on “mi casa et su casa”) expresses our shared love for chess. You’re most welcome to join our team if you’re a player who is improving at chess (of course) and does relatively well at school or Uni 🙂

If you’re rated 1800 or above in NZCF or FIDE rating, you immediately get a T-shirt upon joining. If you perform more than 50% in any of the ATA events for our team, you get a T-shirt. The players who accepted a direct invitation from Timothy to play in the season will also get a T-shirt. And there are more perks to come during the season. Let’s make the best team of the ATA!

The ATA “Mi Caissa, su Caissa” T-shirt looks like this on us 🙂