Rules for Monday Chess Night

Format of tournaments

  • Normal Club tournaments are played as a single game each night at 75 minutes plus 30 seconds per move. Tournaments run over 6-9 nights.
  • Usually 90% of games are finished by 10pm with many lower boards finishing before 8:30pm.
  • Rapid tournaments are 3 games per night at 25 minutes plus 5s/move. Tournaments usually last 2 weeks. It is common for many players to take a half-point bye on the third round of the night.
  • Blitz tournaments are 3min + 2s/move
  • The field for each tournament will be divided into 1 or more grades, with players sorted by strength. FIDE Rated Tournaments are sorted by FIDE rating otherwise by National Rating or estimate.

Entering tournaments

  • Tournament registration is done electronically per announcements on the website and/or Facebook page.  From 2024 it’s done via the TryBooking platform.
  • If you wish to play in a Round-robin Grade then you are expected to play all your games. If you are going to miss some weeks discuss with the club captain who may ask you to play in a swiss grade instead.
  • Late entries may sometimes be able to be accommodated but this is not guaranteed.

Missing games

  • Players in Swiss tournaments will receive a half point bye if the notify the club captain before the draw is done (normally 6:45pm).
  • Later notifications may receive a half or zero point bye
  • Players who don’t turn without explanation multiple times may be withdrawn from tournaments
  • Players in Round-Robin tournaments are expected to arrange with their opponent an alternative time to play their game if they are unable to make it on Monday.
  • Note that FIDE rated tournaments require all games to be played at the scheduled time
  • Unplayed games in Round-Robin tournaments get both players zero points. Agreed draws must be played to at least 2 moves (ie rated).

Playing Games

  • Games normally start at 7pm or a few minutes afterwards, players should arrive be seated ready to play a few minutes before 7pm.
  • Players who behave in an offensive or disruptive manner may face sanctions from lose of game, being sent home to being banned.
  • Games follow the normal NZCF rules with the following exceptions:
    • For round-robin tournaments and FIDE-rated Swiss tournaments the default time is 30 minutes
    • For non-FIDE-rated Swiss tournaments the default time is 15-20 minutes, after which players without an opponent may be reassigned a new one or get a point. The late player gets a zero-point default.
    • The default time may be extended if the player notifies they are going to be late.
    • Cellphone and other electronic devices are allowed in the clubrooms but (a) should be on silent and (b) must not be used during games.
    • If a player’s cellphone rings they do not lose the game.