The Auckland Chess Centre is located at 17 Cromwell Street, Mt. Eden. We are just outside the Auckland CBD, between Dominion Road and Eden Park.

What’s new

The playing hall has the club logo (the knight inside a rook), please head there


On Mondays, we hold regular chess tournaments for members and invited guests. Most are one classical game per night although some are rapid events with several games played over the evening. For a schedule of these tournaments please see our Calendar. Most of our events are FIDE- and nationally rated.

On Saturday nights we have Junior Chess which starts at 5:00 pm.

Every month when there are no long weekenders at ACC, we run Auckland Chess Weekends, a series of two-day classical chess events to fit on a normal weekend, for our club members and invited guests to get practice and more rated games.

We also participate in Interclub chess tournaments between other Auckland chess clubs and host tournaments during weekends and holidays.

Annual Subscriptions

Monday nights — NZD 120 per year (adults and juniors). Auckland Chess Weekends — NZD 100 for the series, or 20 for an individual event. Saturday nights — gold coin donation.

Bank account # 12-3011-0713528-00 (please specify your name and “Club Fee”).