Brogan Powlesland wins ACW March

Brogan Powlesland didn’t make the cut to join the ACC Summer Cup on Mondays, but participated in the inaugural Auckland Chess Weekend (ACW) event at ACC and won it, collecting a nice ACW T-shirt! The next event will be in May (see the ACW section on our website for details).

Top boards were broadcast live on Lichess

George Trundle round-robin 2023 (12-21/4)

Don’t forget to enter the George Trundle round-robin event, which will be held from the 12th to the 21st of April during the school holidays at ACC. It’s a rare chance to play with equal players in one of the four rating groups. Only 40 seats are available.

The time control being used is the same as in FIDE Olympiads and New Zealand Congress. One classical game per day.

Enter online:

Monday nights are full, please check our other options

We want to give everybody a game on Mondays but some nights we are just 100% full like last Monday, all three rooms were packed like sardines in round 2 of the Summer Cup, and some people had to be turned away.

The club captain isn’t playing though so if you didn’t get a game, play with the captain outside (weather permitting). Please bring your own board just in case we run out of them, too 🙂

If you’re a junior player, please join the Saturday programme.

We’ll also start Auckland Chess Weekends in March for all ages. Stay tuned and follow our webpage and Facebook account.

Club Mondays resume 13/2

A quick heads up to those who filled the registration form for ACC 2023 – Monday nights will resume after the Waitangi weekend, on the 13th of February. We will publish a detailed calendar for 2023 soon next week.

So far there is no change of plans to the Auckland Anniversary and Waitangi weekenders. Please use the contact email you received during registration if you have questions for organisers, not the usual ACC contacts.

Stay safe during the Auckland flood.

Club registration form for 2023

Please use the following registration form to register yourself or your child for 2023. This is a preliminary registration form.  The club captain will confirm your place.  Please don’t make any payments yet!

The club will be open every Monday, from 13/2 to the week before Christmas, except public holidays, but without any gaps for school holidays. Whenever you know your travel plans or have long breaks from the chess club, please let us know. We also ask you to notify us on Mondays before 6:30 pm if you’re not coming. If you’re sick, please do not come and inform us about that, too. Thanks.

Ian McNally (1963-2023)

On Saturday the 14th of January, I learned of my good friend Ian McNally’s death. Ian and I had been friends for nearly forty years. Ian was an Auckland Chess Centre stalwart — he was twice Club President and served on the Club’s Committee in various roles innumerable times over the decades. He was also Club Champion in 1991. Over the years, Ian and I enjoyed many outrageous escapades in the chess world, particularly in Auckland Chess Association Blitz competitions. I shall miss him dearly. R.I.P. old friend.

Bruce Wheeler
Club President

Photo from Aleksandar Wohl’s blog, with Ian McNally, Bruce Watson, and Brandon Clarke

Winners of 2022 chess at ACC

Here is the list of winners and runner-up players of 2022 (click the tournament titles for detailed results).

Congratulations also to the Auckland Chess Centre team (Alphaeus Ang, Bruce Wheeler, Jasmine Zhang, and Jordan Lewis) who won the Auckland Interclub Blitz on the 18th of December.

If your name is in bold letters below, please contact Timothy to get a Chessable course!

ACC Autumn Cup A 2022

Alphaeus Ang – 5.5/6
Isabelle Ning – 5.0/6
Justin Wang – 5.0/6

ACC Autumn Cup B 2022

Alex Pan – 5.0/6
Virginia Milne – 4.5/6
Pranav Shenoy – 4.5/6

ACC Winter Cup A 2022

Euan McDougall – 6.0/7
Philli Park-Tamati – 5.5/7
Hao Tang – 5.0/7
Alex Nagorski – 5.0/7

ACC Winter Cup B 2022

Luna Xu – 6.0/7
Sai Somaraju – 5.5/7

ACC Club Championships A 2022

Alphaeus Ang – 8.0/9
Isabelle Ning – 7.0/9 – special upset prize for beating Alphaeus
Daqi Mao – 6.5/9

ACC Club Championships B 2022

Nikita Lobanov – 7.5/9
Eric Wu – 6.5/9

ACC Spring Cup 2022 A-Grade

Alphaeus Ang – 5.5/6
William Liu – 5.0/6

ACC Spring Cup 2022 B-Grade

Lucas Zhang – 5.0/6
Nahuel Lino Serron – 5.0/6
Adele Zhou – 5.0/6

ACC Spring Rapid 2022

Alex Nagorski – 5.5/6

ACC Autumn Blitz 2022

Philli Park-Tamati – 8.0/9
Daniel Gong – 7.0/9
Gino Thornton – 6.5/9
Jordan Lewis – 6.5/9

19/12 – last Monday night of the year

19th of December is the last club night of the year when we’ll do prizegiving, hold an AGM, eat pizza together, and do some fun chess.

All club members are welcome!

The club will resume on 30/01/2023, and registration will be open in mid-January.