Spring Rapid and Club Champs coming soon

ACC Rapid 25+5 FIDE- and NZCF-rated tournament will be run on Aug 16 and 23, right after the Winter Cup, and on Aug 30 we will start the Club Champs (a 10-player round-robin and one big Swiss for all). Don’t forget to sign up in the club to get ahead of others when the registration becomes public 🙂

The inaugural Peter Stuart Masters tournament (Oct 2-10) to be held at ACC

Inspired by the ongoing success of the George Trundle, this new tournament also comprises four individual nine-round ten-player classical round-robin tournaments with the same ideal one round per day, starting at 2 pm, schedule. The four tournaments are known as the Masters, Qualifiers, Reserves and Talents. The entry fee is $100, only 40 players can be accommodated, so get your entry in early!

More details are on the tournament website. Organised by North Shore Chess Club, but played at ACC, 17 Cromwell Street, Mt Eden, Auckland.

Peter Stuart Masters banner

ACC is open for the Winter Cup tonight, 12/7

Quick notice: ACC is open for the Winter Cup tonight, which might start just 15 mins later due to the ongoing Trundle tournament (needs time to reset the clocks). If you’re sick or travelling and cannot play, please let the captain know before 6:30 pm. Thanks!

Team lists and schedule of the Auckland Interclub B-grade

Auckland Interclub B-grade, the five-round team tournament of several Auckland chess clubs starts this Sunday, July 4. The full schedule is below. Please also find team rosters and follow results on Google Docs, https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1zW_DtdjE0c0pwcfKf7o5BZgkYku3Zt0vmanlA-rFqUo/edit?usp=sharing

Round 1, July 4
North Shore – Howick-Pakuranga
Papatoetoe – ACC
Summit – Waitakere

Round 2, July 25
Howick-Pakuranga – Waitakere
ACC – Summit
North Shore – Papatoetoe

Round 3, Aug 1
Papatoetoe – Howick-Pakuranga
Summit – North Shore
Waitakere – ACC

Round 4, Aug 15
Howick-Pakuranga – ACC
North Shore – Waitakere
Papatoetoe – Summit

Round 5, Sep 12
Summit – Howick-Pakuranga
Waitakere – Papatoetoe
ACC – North Shore

Auckland Interclub B-grade starts July 4

Thanks to everyone who signed up for the Auckland Interclub B-grade team. ACC is the defending champion in B-grade, too. Our team this year, ordered by current NZCF rating, is

Stephen Peak1688
Andrew Michael1603
Grant Burrows1579
Hunter Po’e-Tofaeono1486
Daksh Bhatt1384
Sai Somaraju1336
Mantra Bhatt1287
Tyleah Po’e-Tofaeono1278
John McClory1227
Grayson Po’e-Tofaeono1217
Pranav Shenoy1110
Adele Zhou1054
Annie Yue1026
Srirama Vikhhyath990
David Chen0
Leo Yitao Lian0

Every match we will need six players, so please all be ready to play as substitutes if somebody gets sick or gets an emergency on the day of the match. Calendar and schedule of the rounds below.

Dates: Sunday 4 July, 25 July, 1 August, 15 August, 12 September, with 2 reserve dates, 19 September, 26 September.

Venue: Stables cafe, Alexandra Park (it’s behind the building as you enter the complex, and you can walk through the cafeteria to that side).

Games start at 6:30 pm so players need to come at about 6:15-6:20.

Round 1
North Shore – Howick-Pakuranga
Papatoetoe – Auckland
Summit – Waitakere

Round 2
Howick-Pakuranga – Waitakere
Auckland – Summit
North Shore – Papatoetoe

Round 3
Papatoetoe – Howick-Pakuranga
Summit – North Shore
Waitakere – Auckland

Round 4
Howick-Pakuranga – Auckland
North Shore – Waitakere
Papatoetoe – Summit

Round 5
Summit – Howick-Pakuranga
Waitakere – Papatoetoe
Auckland – North Shore

Teams on the left are White on board 1. Colours alternate from board 1 to board 6.

Winter Cup starts Monday, Jun 28

ACC Winter Cup (7 rounds of classical 90+30 chess, FIDE- and NZCF-rated) starts Monday, June 28, 7:00 pm with 8 players registered in A-grade, 48 in B-grade (rating>=1400) and 30 in C-grade. (Note: all pairings in Vega are not final until Monday, 7:00 pm).

Please aim to arrive at 6:40-6:45. Don’t forget to notify the captain before 6:30 pm if you cannot come. If you have school camping or travel plans that overlap with Monday club night, please let us know even earlier! Thanks! This will help us provide a better experience for the remaining players. When the club has more than 80 players, the people on the waitlist will not have a game.

We plan to broadcast A-grade games live at https://aucklandchess.nz/live so tune in on Mondays, 7:00 pm if you can’t visit the club or if the crowd blocks you from seeing a top board game.

2021 Winter Cup A-grade players are:

1. FM Mike Steadman (winner of the Autumn Cup A)
2. CM Alex Huang
3. Nathan Goodhue
4. Daniel-Ioan Runcan
5. Paul Macdonald
6. Clinton Wells
7. CM Alex Nagorski (winner of the Autumn Cup B)
8. Nigel Metge

They will play a 7-round single round-robin tournament.

Winter Cup B&C grades defined

The FIDE- and NZCF-rated Winter Cup will start on Monday, June 28. Please check your name on the lists below, and let the captain know if there was any mistake. Note that A-grade round-robin players are listed in the B-grade for now, until we get confirmations that eight top players can play the 7 rounds from Jun 28 to Aug 9.

The grade cut-off is 1400 this time, which is defined as follows:

  • if FIDE June 1 rating >= 1400, the player plays in B-grade
  • if NZCF June 1 rating >= 1400, the player plays in B-grade
  • if the player was FIDE unrated, but performance rating (PR) in Autumn Cup >= 1400, the player plays in B-grade (the PR will be checked again on June 21, after the last round of the Autumn Cup), as this rating would most probably become their FIDE July 1 rating (unless some other tournament will affect it)
  • the rest plays in C-grade

B-grade: https://www.aucklandchess.nz/vega/2021/wwwACCWinterCupB/playersname.html

C-grade: https://www.aucklandchess.nz/vega/2021/wwwACCWinterCupC/playersname.html

There will also be a waitlist in B and C grades, as our club is overbooked again. We were lucky in the Autumn Cup as the captain didn’t have to send anybody home on the club nights.

Please continue to notify the captain before 6:30 pm on each Monday night so we would know who’s not coming, and those on the waitlist can get a chance to play chess and be happy! Thanks!

If you’re not happy, talk to the captain and you may get a free Chessable course to work with 🙂

Winter Cup (Jun 28 – Aug 9) registration

The Winter Cup will be run in three grades A (8 top players, round-robin), B and C (Swiss, grade cut-off by somewhere around 1400-1500 in NZCF or FIDE rating, whichever is higher).

The current list of players who registered via the club signup sheet or were directly chased by the captain: https://www.aucklandchess.nz/vega/2021/wwwACCWinterCupB/playersname.html

We have only 80 seats and are already full after just one day of registration being opened. Some players will be on the waitlist, so if some players don’t turn up on the night, people from the waitlist will get paired to play (if the number in their grade is even).

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