Feb 28 update: no club chess until Level 1

We’re on lockdown again, so no chess club meeting on Monday, Friday or Saturday next week. But there will be chess online.

We’re inviting all NZ players to play in a match between Auckland, Wellington and other places on Monday, March 1, 7:30 pm. Please join the team you want, Auckland, Wellington or NZCF, https://lichess.org/tournament/RpyKGCiU

If your city/region wants to be represented with your own team and you have at least 5 players, please let us know and we’ll edit the match details.

Summer Cup starts on March 1

With Auckland on COVID Level 1, we’ll resume our Monday club nights and start the Summer Cup on March 1 (we hope level 1 will stay). The tournament will be shortened to only 5 rounds, after we lost Feb 15 and 22 to lockdowns.

Please double-check your name in the list of players, https://www.aucklandchess.nz/vega/2021/wwwACCSummerCup/playersname.html

If you want to withdraw from the tournament, please let us know as soon as possible. If you will miss just the first round, please let us know before Monday 6:45pm so we can give you a half-point bye. Thanks!

ACC is closed on Monday, Feb 15, due to Covid-19, Level 3

Our club is closed tomorrow due to the mini-lockdown for Auckland at Level 3 and the rest of NZ at Level 2.

Let’s play online chess on Monday, Feb 15, 07:30 PM on Lichess, https://lichess.org/tournament/bnZ6hjBz — you need to join the NZCF team on Lichess to play, please provide the real name in Lichess profile or the join request. Thanks!

The start of the Summer Cup will be delayed. Please follow updates on AucklandChess.nz or https://facebook.com/AKLChess

New members in the FIDE rating list from our club

Some players who participated in our recent FIDE-rated blitz tournament on Jan 25, 2021, have received their FIDE ID numbers now. They are:

4314638 Ellis, Roderick NZL M 1944
4314646 Hughes, Mike NZL M 1960
4314654 Khawaja, Ahmad NZL M 1987
4314662 Khor, Yoong Soon NZL M 1990
4314670 Newman, Nicholas NZL M 2004
4314689 Salvador, Markus NZL M 2006
4314697 Taha, Shereif NZL M 1987
4314700 Zlygostiev, Mykola NZL M 1992

Some will have their new blitz ratings published on Feb 1, as they scored points against rated players (the initial value would come from the last column in the FIDE rating variation report of the blitz tournament).

Welcome to NZL in FIDE, participate in FIDE-rated tournaments, which are plenty in Auckland, and also in other cities of New Zealand (see newzealandchess.nz/calendar). With these IDs, you can also play anywhere else in the world and got rated. Good luck in establishing a good rating while enjoying chess!

Summer Cup sign-up is open (and closing soon!)

Our club tournaments in 2021 will start with the Summer Cup on February 15. It’s a 7-round Swiss tournament, NZCF-rated. With only 80 places in our club and 67 players already registered, there aren’t many places left, so hurry up! (contact Tim Ha to sign up)

The Vega list to check your registration: https://www.aucklandchess.nz/vega/2021/wwwACCSummerCup/playersname.html

If you have signed up, then please follow the club etiquette: (being responsible makes your chess better, too!)

  • if you have entered the tournament(s) but cannot make it on Monday night of any round, inform Tim Ha via a text or Facebook message before 6:45 pm on Monday (please don’t call, if possible, as it’s difficult to get distracted for a call)
  • if you are late but will play anyway, please also inform Tim Ha, so your opponent can patiently wait
  • if you are going away for vacation and will miss a round or two, please also plan ahead and notify
  • if you don’t show up twice without any prior notification, please expect to be withdrawn from the ongoing tournament (especially if it’s FIDE-rated)

Thanks a lot! Let’s enjoy chess together!

A good start for 2021, with three tournaments coming!

Image may contain: 1 person, sitting, eyeglasses, living room, chess, plant, table, dessert, tree, closeup, outdoor and indoor

The casual night on Jan 18 was good, we had a 9-round blitz tournament, with six (!) new players in the club, years of birth ranging from 1944 to 2010. FM Alphaeus Ang won without any problems, 9.0/9. Rauen Le Grange finished second with 8.0/9 (losing only to Alphaeus) and Jordan Lewis on 7.0/9 (losing only to the two leaders).

Vega: https://www.aucklandchess.nz/vega/2021/wwwCasual20210118/standing.html
Some photos of the night (mums played chess to entertain the kid that had a bye!)

Next Monday, Jan 25 is the 9-round FIDE-rated blitz. Please text/email/message Tim Ha to register. Current registrations are online: https://www.aucklandchess.nz/vega/2021/wwwACCJanuaryBlitz/playersname.html

After that, the club will be closed for two Mondays until Feb 15, but for a very good reason: TWO back-to-back weekend tournaments will be held in the club venue. They are:

  1. Auckland Anniversary Weekender, Jan 30, Jan 31, Feb 1, a 6-round classical tournament, 90+30.
  2. Waitangi Day Weekender, Feb 6, Feb 7, Feb 8, another 6-round classical tournament, 90+30.

Please register via the links on NewZealandChess.nz.