Team up for the Auckland Teams Arena

Are you building a team for the Auckland Teams Arena? Have you ever heard about it? If not, please head here first –

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One team already prepared their T-shirts and is offering them while inviting players. There were rumours about a girls’ team being formed, too. And some 2000+ players wanted to team up just to crush everybody else (and not play each other during the tournaments).

Everybody better team up soon, as it’s important for teams to be present in as many events as possible, to get a better total score at the end of the season. Players don’t have to play all events and can even change teams, but teams need to be organised soon before the first event on June 18-19.

More about the arena:

The page for teams to promote themselves:…/2022-ata-teams/

Auckland May Weekender is won by CM Felix Xie

CM Felix Xie won the blitz portion of the May Weekender (May 21-22, 2022) on 8.5/9 and finished the rapid portion with a perfect 9/9 score.

Blitz Vega and Rapid Vega / Event webpage / Photos by NZChessNews

The list of prizewinners (players with a higher score may be listed under a grade category if that won more prizemoney for them)

1st26.5/27CM Felix Xie
2nd24/27FM Alphaeus Wei Ern Ang
3rd17.5/27CM Alex Nagorski
Under 1800
1st19/27Daniel Wang
2nd18/27Daqi Mao
3rd16.5/27WCM Isabelle Yixuan Ning
Under 1600 and Above 1400
1st17.5/27Justin Zhide Wang
Under 1400 and Above 1300
1st13.5/27Duncan McDonald
Under 1300
1st15/27Mantra Bhatt

Detailed standing

Composite StandingsBlitz RoundsRapid RoundsTotal Rounds
1Xie, Felix19518.5926.5
2Ang, Alphaeus Wei Ern21728824
3Wang, Daniel161466.519
4Mao, Daqi16336618
5Nagorski, Alex17855.5617.5
6Wang, Justin Zhide14835.5617.5
7Ning, Isabelle Yixuan16886.5516.5
8Thornton, Giovanni A20686516
9Wheeler, Bruce21065.5515.5
10Ha, Huy Minh (Timothy)16234.55.515.5
11Gan, Emily14135515
12Bhatt, Mantra12435515
13Vital, Henry19504.5514.5
14Mistry, Prashant18744.5514.5
15Liu, William Rui14484.5514.5
16Zara, Baraa15225.54.514.5
17Wells, Clinton A.17674514
18McDonald, Duncan13064.54.513.5
19Zhang, Kendrick Botong15733.54.512.5
20Po`e-Tofaeono, Hunter14484.5412.5
21Coates, Alex13664412
22Somaraju, Sai Vivan13434412
23Po`e-Tofaeono, Grayson138153.512
24Thurner, Anya13484412
25Zhu, Yeqing12944412
26Mei, Zihan10704412
27Lobanov, Nikita10223.53.510.5
28Zhang, Tim Lifan121333.510
29Nimmakayala, Srirama112533.510
30Xu, Luna13162.53.59.5
31Bhatt, Daksh134223.59
32Lu, Xiahan (Luna)0339
33Lau, Brillion Yan Jun128532.58
34Zara, Anas1277238
35Smith, Scott R12763.515.5
1Wang, Daniel161466.519
2Mao, Daqi16336618
3Nagorski, Alex17855.5617.5
4Wang, Justin Zhide14835.5617.5
5Ning, Isabelle Yixuan16886.5516.5
6Ha, Huy Minh (Timothy)16234.55.515.5
7Gan, Emily14135515
8Bhatt, Mantra12435515
9Liu, William Rui14484.5514.5
10Zara, Baraa15225.54.514.5
11Wells, Clinton A.17674514
12McDonald, Duncan13064.54.513.5
13Zhang, Kendrick Botong15733.54.512.5
14Po`e-Tofaeono, Hunter14484.5412.5
15Coates, Alex13664412
16Somaraju, Sai Vivan13434412
17Po`e-Tofaeono, Grayson138153.512
18Thurner, Anya13484412
19Zhu, Yeqing12944412
20Mei, Zihan10704412
21Lobanov, Nikita10223.53.510.5
22Zhang, Tim Lifan121333.510
23Nimmakayala, Srirama112533.510
24Xu, Luna13162.53.59.5
25Bhatt, Daksh134223.59
26Lu, Xiahan (Luna)0339
27Lau, Brillion Yan Jun128532.58
28Zara, Anas1277238
29Smith, Scott R12763.515.5
Under1600 & Over1400RatingBlitzScoreRapidScoreCompositeScore
1Wang, Justin Zhide14835.5617.5
2Gan, Emily14135515
3Liu, William Rui14484.5514.5
4Zara, Baraa15225.54.514.5
5Zhang, Kendrick Botong15733.54.512.5
6Po`e-Tofaeono, Hunter14484.5412.5
Under1400 & Over1300RatingBlitzScoreRapidScoreCompositeScore
1McDonald, Duncan13064.54.513.5
2Coates, Alex13664412
3Somaraju, Sai Vivan13434412
4Po`e-Tofaeono, Grayson138153.512
5Thurner, Anya13484412
6Xu, Luna13162.53.59.5
7Bhatt, Daksh134223.59
1Bhatt, Mantra12435515
2Zhu, Yeqing12944412
3Mei, Zihan10704412
4Lobanov, Nikita10223.53.510.5
5Zhang, Tim Lifan121333.510
6Nimmakayala, Srirama112533.510
7Lu, Xiahan (Luna)0339
8Lau, Brillion Yan Jun128532.58

Autumn Cup starts on Monday, May 9, at 7 pm

Autumn Cup A- and B- grades will be divided as 1300+ and U1300 FIDE. The FIDE- and NZCF-rated tournament is from May 9 to June 20, with a break on Queen’s birthday (please check NZCF calendars for the Trusts Open tournaments on that long weekend).

The top five boards of the A-grade will be broadcast live on

Please use the following links to find your name, pairings before and results after each round (note that pairings are subject to change as players’ circumstances may change close to the time of the games)

The games start after a short announcement at 7 pm. Forfeit time is 30 minutes.

If you can’t make it to the game on time, please let us know (SMS is best) before 6:30 pm so we can re-pair players.

If you are sick, please let us know and do not visit the club.

If you’re going on vacation, please let us know in advance (email is best) and we’ll mark all the days you’re 100% not visiting the club.

Thanks and good luck!

Entries open for the fast chess May Weekender, 21-22/05

Entries are now open for Auckland May Weekender 2022. Please register and pay online at

This tournament is similar to the Rapid and Blitz ones in the Grand Chess Tour, only here we play 9 games of blitz first, on Saturday morning, then 3-4 rapid games on Saturday afternoon (depends on the pace if we can fit all those or not), then the rest on Sunday.

The 9 rapid games give you double points in the final standings. The maximum number of points is 27. Blitz time control is 3+2, rapid is 25+5. Rapid games are FIDE- and NZCF-rated. Blitz games are FIDE-rated only.

The top five boards will be broadcast at least for the rapid portion via

Autumn Cup starts May 9; 2022 club registration is still open

Autumn Cup registration is open at ACC (FIDE-rated, NZCF-rated, six rounds).

If you want to register and cannot find your name here AutumnCupA/playersname.html and AutumnCupB/playersname.html, please use the form

However, you don’t need to re-register if you used the previous registration form. We do have the data from there and will double-check and re-process if necessary.

You can also use the form if you want to register for later events in the year.

Philli won the Autumn Blitz; Baraa beat an NZ champion

May be an image of 6 people, people sitting, chess, outdoors and indoor
Autumn Blitz at the Auckland Chess Centre, May 2, 2022

Philli Park-Tamati finished first in the 9-round Autumn Blitz at ACC. FM Daniel Gong came second, and Gino Thornton shared third with Jordan Lewis.

Final standings:

An honorary mention goes to Baraa Zara who beat FM Daniel Gong, the only player to upset the 2022 NZ Champ tonight 🙂

A short video:
Some photos:

ACC registration for 2022 is open

Please use the following form to sign up for ACC membership in 2022 (payment information will be provided later at the club)

Previous form, now closed –

We start on May 2 with a FIDE-rated blitz (3’+2″) tournament of 9 rounds.

From May 9 to June 20 (with the exception of Queen’s birthday) we will hold the Autumn Cup, a classical chess tournament with a time control of 75’+30″. There will be two grades, most probably the cut-off rating will be 1400 FIDE.

In the form for sign-up, you can specify if you will play the blitz or both, or will join a later tournament instead. The full list of tournaments is on the Calendar page.

If you’re new to the club, make sure you fill out all details very carefully, as we’ll use that information to register you with NZCF and FIDE for rating purposes. If you’re a regular member, you can trust that the captain remembers you well 🙂 However, please make sure you enter the most up-to-date email and mobile phone numbers.


ANZAC Weekender won by CM Felix Xie

Auckland Chess Centre reopened on April 23-25, 2022 for the traditional ANZAC Weekender. A tournament of more than 30 players was won by CM Felix Xie on 5.5/6. Three players finishing a point behind on 4.5 were Hao Tang, Hunter Po’e-Tofaeono and Philli Park-Tamati. Especially, look at how Hunter survived against Isabelle Ning and CM David Cilia-Vincenti (use the Lichess link below).

Full standings are on Vega. The full list of prize winners is on the Results page.

Facebook photos: album 1 by NZChessNews, album 2 by AKLChess.

There was also a Lichess broadcast of top 5 boards each round.

COVID-19 policies for ACC reopening

May be an image of 9 people, people sitting, chess, outdoors and indoor

With the exception of tenants who reside in Auckland Chess Centre, the following COVID-19 policies would apply to everyone entering the property:

1. Operating only in NZ Covid Protection Framework (Traffic Lights) Orange or Green. Closed in Red.

2. Masks that cover the nose and mouth must be worn by everyone at all times when indoors within the property of Auckland Chess Centre.

These COVID-19 policies are to meet or exceed NZ government recommendations in order to keep everybody at Auckland Chess Centre as safe as reasonably possible.

Additionally, current New Zealand government COVID-19 regulations or policies will also apply.

P.S.: Vaccine passes are not required.