Autumn Cup Round 7

Results from the Final round

A Grade

  • Round 7 pgn from Alex Nagorski
  • Bruce Watson went into the last round a full point ahead of Ang, Ward and Hague. After a long game he claimed a win against Alphaeus to finish on 6.5 points a full 1.5 points ahead of the second place players Mike Steadman, Gordon Morrell, William Li and Keith Ward.
  • In the Steadman vs Hague game Mike’s unorthodox opening left him slightly behind but after Ben’s attack left him with pieces stranded Mike was able to build a huge centre and Ben’s defense could not hold. In the last couple of moves Ben tries two traps to salvage the game but Mike saw past them to win.

  • Besides Steadman there were 8 other upsets during the round including Rodney Li against Eric Wu, Virginia Milne vs Caroline Yan  and Jasmine Zhang against Simon Lyall.


B Grade

  • In the last round the 3 leaders Euan McDougall, Neil Sonnekus and Mike Steiner had already played each other so had separate games.
  • Mike Steiner ended up being the sole winner of the 3 ( Neil drew and Euan lost) so capture the grade win.
  • Upsets were Leo Li beating Euan McDougall and Hugh Gao drawing with Renae Ghadiali.
  • Final placing was Mike Steiner 1st on 6 points; Niel Sonnekus 2nd on 5.5 and Euan McDougall, Leo Li and Mathew Steadman 3rd= on 5.0

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