Winter Cup – Round 2

This week was round 2 of the Winter Cup. It is still a little early to see who is winning but we have some interesting games. A reminder that School Holidays (and some events in Palmerston North) start next week so please let me know if you want byes. Thank you to all parents who filled out the slips. I’ll put out a post later this week with the byes list.

Results from Round 2

PGN file by Alex Nagorski

A Grade

John Duneas and Nathan Goodhue player a wild game which John won

Alex Huang gained a huge advantage over Alphaeus Ang but failed to find the correct combination & swapped to a KQ v KRBN endgame which Alphaeus was able to hold.

Allen Fan beat Daniel Gong after being ahead for most of the game. This was the upset of the round since Daniel is 200 points higher rated than Allen.

Bruce Watson ended up with in an endgame with King and 6 pawns vs Mike Steadman’s King, bishop and 3 pawns. Mike took a draw. The computer thought he probably could have won with best play, but a single mistake could have been fatal.

B Grade

Alex Nagorski Turned a slight advantage in a drawish endgame into a win against Tim Ha. I’d also like to acknowledge the players to putting in 14 moves of mainstream opening in contrast to the “innovations” from the rest of A and B grade.

Hilton Jacobs made one little miscalculation against Richard Taylor and the game was quickly over.

Paul Macdonald was ahead on his game against Don Eade but Don managed to escape with a draw.

C Grade

Oscar Qin won on move 6 with Scholars mate

The Majority of upsets were draws but Euan McDougall beat Andrew Michael (273 pt different) and Shawn Hui beat Erica Hu (272 pt diff).

There are seven players on 2 points and 12 on 1.5.
The Vega Websites for the Winter Cup Are:

Links to the Schedule for A and B grade are on the 2016 Tournaments page.

If you are unable to play please contact Simon Lyall either via text (021 575 233) or email to contact @ . Normally you will get a half point bye. Please let us know as early as possible.

I will publish a draft draw for C grade ones I process the byes for round 3.