Winter Cup – Round 5

Bruce Watson is now ahead is A Grade although John Duneas has a game in hand. In B grade Alex Nagorski is 5 out of 5 while is C Grade Bishop Everett is just half a point ahead of 4 players.

  • Upcoming tournament at the Club is the Merv Morrison over Labour weekend ( October 21st to 24th). The entry form has more details
  • There is a signup sheet at the club for the Spring Cup with is the final tournament of the year.
  • Also a reminder than the NZ Chess Congress will be in Wellington in early January 2017. Go here for the entry form and entries so far.

PGN for Round 5 by Alex Nagorski

A Grade

Last week Danial Gong and Bruce Watson played a catchup game from round 3. Bruce picked up two pawns and then neutralized Daniel’s compensation. Towards the end Daniel picked up a piece and had a chance of a draw by perpetual check but missed one of the long series of moves and allowed the King to escape. Win for Bruce

Nathan Goodhue and Daniel Gong where fairly even for much of their game with Nathan ahead at the end and pressing hard. Unfortunately he made a blunder and resigned.

John Duneas got a very good position against Bruce Watson but Bruce managed to edge back and they settled for a draw.

Alex Huang and Allen Fan had a complex unbalanced position that eventually resolved itself to a draw.

B Grade

Tim states in his game (as Black) vs Richard Taylor: “Black equalised in the opening, then White gave a free pawn, so Black got a better position, but could not quickly implement a winning plan (25… Re6 and later Rf6 could work).  Eventually, Black misplayed a tactical sequence, blundered a piece and went into endgame with 4P+R against 2P+B+R.  Game drawn by agreement.”

Don Eade missed a few Winning chances (and came close to losing) against Keith Ward before the position swapped to a drawn endgame.

Paul MacDonald ended up with a bad bishop in a N+Ps vs B+Ps endgame against Alex Nagorski. Alex executed a well timed swap to pick up a passed pawn and win.

Tomas Midr beat Hilton Jacobs. He missed a mate in 2 at one point but we don’t have a completed scoresheet.

C Grade

A draw by Bishop Everett was enough to keep his lead in C grade. However there are 4 players just behind him.

The Vega Websites for the Winter Cup Are:

Links to the Schedule for A and B grade are on the 2016 Tournaments page.

If you are unable to play please contact Simon Lyall either via text (021 575 233) or email to contact @ . Normally you will get a half point bye. Please let us know as early as possible.

The draft draw for C grade is below. Please remember that this may change if there are additional byes