Monday is full so Friday is expanding

Due to heavy demand at the Auckland Chess Centre on Monday nights we have decided to restrict entries into the Summer Cup. To make things fair all players who pre-registered will be able to play but several players who did not pre-register but turned up on Monday the 13th won’t be able to. Please see the Summer Cup on Vega to check if you are in.

Unfortunately we just do not have enough boards to accommodate everybody who wishes to play.

The good news is that we have decided to expand our Friday Evening programme.

Starting on the 17th of February we will be running rapid tournaments and other events starting at 6:30pm on most Fridays. The night will be open both to players from Monday and others who wish only to come on Fridays.

The exact arrangement and programme are still being worked on and will be adjusted as we see what works best.

Note: While the night will mainly be aimed at junior and newer players there may will space for some adults, especially if they available to help organise/supervise.

The organisers in Friday will be Alex Huang with assistance of Ewan Green