Spring Cup 2017 – Round 3

White a large number of players on similar scores there were still a lot of games with wide gaps in ratings between players.

A reminder to about the following upcoming tournaments

  • The Papatoetoe Rapid on Saturday December 2nd
  • The Papatoetoe Junior Rapid on Sunday December 3rd
  • The New Zealand Chess Congress tournaments on January 1st to 12th 2018 in Palmerston North. Late Entry fees apply from the 1st of December

Details about all the above tournaments are on the New Zealand Chess calendar page.


Ben Hague vs Gordon Morrell – Black was going okay and had some pressure but made a mistake that gave White a fatal attack. 1-0

Alexei Kulashko vs Nathan Goodhue – Black made some mistakes in the opening and lost two pawns. He resigned a few moves later in a hopeless position. 1-0

Roy Seabrook vs Bruce Watson – White had a good start but game two pawns in return for some pressure. However Black neutralized the pressure, picked off a couple more pawns and White resigned. 0-1

Don Eade vs Alphaeus Ang – White tried an opening innovation ( 1. e4 Nc6 2. b3 Nf6 3. Nc3 ) that quickly got in trouble as Black mounted a strong attack. White resigned on Move 20 on the verge of going two pieces down. 0-1

John Liu vs Allen Fan – White allowed Black a long pawn chain stretching to White’s 3rd rank (see below). After Black punched a hole in front of White’s King he just had to pour in pieces until White ran out of useful defenders. 0-1

John Liu vs Allen Fan after. 19…g3

Alex Nagorski vs Erica Hu – An exciting game with threats all over the place on a very open board. Eventually White managed to prevail . 1-0

Winston Weng vs Keith Ward – White allowed Black to get pressure on his King and then missed a tactic. He resigned on move 20 5 pawns down with further attacks to come. 0-1

Brian Zhao vs Simon Lyall – Black played passively and let White get a pawn chain and a passed pawn. But then he let Black’s Queen get though the chain and after picking up 4 pawns Black had a simple win. 0-1

Steven Peak vs Xin Yang Liu – Score-sheets incomplete but White says: “I got a pawn down in the late middle game and this was enough to convert to a win after about 50 moves” 0-1

Paul Macdonald vs Felix Xie – Black played passively and gave White some opportunities which added up to a mating attack. 1-0

Ying Wang vs Clinton Wells – Black picked up an exchange in an early attack and got white under a lot of pressure. He kept swapping of pieces and stayed ahead into a won endgame. 0-1

Upsets in round 3:

    • Uday Jain beat Andrew Michael
    • Abraham Deng beat Wayne McDougall
    • Tom Fu beat Rodney Li
    • Philli Park-Tamati David Ansell

Also Isabelle Ning came very close to beating Nicole Qin in a game that finished very late.

Draft Draw for Round 4