Summer Cup – Round 2

Apologies for the delay getting this published. I’ll try and catchup over the next few days. A reminder that we have expanded Friday and are holding regular casual tournaments from 6:30 to approx 8:30pm at the Club.

Summer Cup Rd2 PGN entered by Tim Ha

A Grade

Alexei Kulashko vs Bruce Watson – After Bruce played an unusual e5 in the Pirc the position favour white who swapped pieces to get a nice endgame which he won. 1-0

Hague vs Garbett – A dull opening left Black a little ahead but he failed to exploit it and soon after white picked up 2 pawns and soon-after the game. 1-0

Ang vs Steadman – A very strange looking game with most of the Queenside pawns being swapped while pieces were still on the board. A mistake by Mike let Alphaeus get the advantage but he settled for a perpetual check. Draw.

B Grade

MacDonald vs Morrell – A fork threat allowed Black to pick up 3 (or 4) pawns with no compensation and White resigned. 0-1

Nagorski vs Wells – Black lost a piece but the attack he got in compensation fizzled out. 1-0

Goodhue vs Fan – White gave up an early pawn and was on the back foot for the rest of the game. Black eventually won in the endgame. 0-1

Jasmine Zhang vs Tony Wang –  A fairly even game before black blundered a Queen on move 30. 1-0

C1 Grade

Milne vs Burrows – a couple of early blunders saw Bklack resign on move 13. 1-0

Lyall vs Ward – White played too passively and Black found a tactic to pickup two (outside passwed) pawns and kept on the pressure until he won. 0-1

Wu vs Song – Black looked good for most of the game but squandered her advantage at in the early middle game. However white failed to handle her threats and allowed two passed pawns. 0-1

Kozakevuch vs Nicole Qin – White lost a pawn but came back with a strong attack. In the final position White has a very nice attack but a draw was agreed. Draw.

C2 Grade

Peak vs Jacobs – White missed a nice tactic on moves 29-31, and after blocking off a good piece allowed black to get a passed pawn on the 7th. 0-1

Everett Bishop vs Joy Qin – Black had the led though most of the game but the final exchange of pieces left her with her king stranded on the wrong side of the board as white picked off her pawns with his King. 1-0

Caroline Yan vs Euan MacDougall – After getting ahead in the opening White played passively and let black equalise.  White resigned after missing a tactic and ended up with a lost endgame. 0-1

Eade vs Ha – Both players had mating attacks but Tim went for the sure thing of the perpetual. Draw