Summer Cup – Round 5

There is a sign-up sheet now in place for the Autumn Rapid. Places are limited so please either signup on the sheet or contact Simon Lyall via email or txt.

PGN for Round 5 of Summer Cup by Tim Ha and Ewen Green

A Grade

Daniel Gong and John Duneas played a catchup game from Round 2 early in the week. Daniel looked good at the start of the game but didn’t exploit his advantage and then blundered a piece. A win for John. I have added this game to the Round 2 PGN file.

Now for the round 5 games:

Duneas v Hague – White missed a good move on move 14 (see diagram below and see if you can find it) and a similar move on move 18. Black did not give him a 3rd chance and swapped into an attack and a quick win. 0-1

Steadman vs Watson – A very exciting game. Black gave up a rook for 3 pawns, a passed pawn and attacking chances. White made a couple of bad moves and the attack turned overwhelming. White resigned on move 22. 0-1

Garbett vs Kulashko – Black miscalculated a push and ended up a pawn down after some swaps. Shoartly afterwards white pushed forward and Black ended up with poorly placed pieces which alled white to break though and get a winning attack. 1-0

Ang vs Gong – Black was a little ahead and picked up a pawn but the position swapped down to a opposite colored bishop ended that gave black no chance of breaking though. Draw

After 5 rounds Watson is half a point ahead of 3 other players.

B Grade

Fan vs MacDonald – White played a strange maneuverer early in the game to kindly give black the A file. Later swaps left black up a pawn and white in a lot of trouble. Black kept up the pressure but made a couple of mistakes and ended up losing a rook. A lucky escape for Allen 1-0

Wells vs Wang – White gave up the exchange is a complex position and eventually game up any advantage from it. Black eventually won – 0-1

Morrell vs Zhang – Black tried a pawn storm but white calmly blocked it, picked up a pawn and pushed back. White got an open file and a mating attack. 1-0

Nagorski vs Goodhue – After a good start white got a bishop stuck behind some pawns and black was able to swap down to a pawn and 2 rook endgame with black a pawn ahead. But white got the pawn back and forced a repetition. Draw

Goodhue and Fan are now 1st equal on 3.5 with 2 others just behind.

C1 Grade

Song vs Milne – White got a piece for a pawn shortly after the opening and looked to be in control. Then white swapped to consolidate but left herself with 3 undeveloped (and stuck) pieces and an exposed king. Black used her active pieces to harass white. One mistake later and black had a mate. 0-1

Ward vs Nicole Qin – White picked up an exchange and then picked off Blacks pawns in a Rook vs Bishop endgame. 1-0

Burrows vs Kozakevych – White lost a pawn and then made a speculative bishop sacrifice on h7. Black gave the pice back for a 3-pawn advantage and eventually pushed though his pawns in the endgame. 0-1

Lyall vs Wu – White swapped his knights for black’s bishops but didn’t get any advantage in the closed position. Black then swapped the Queens and rooks. In the endgame black made a mistake to give white the winning chance but white missed the right move and took a draw in a better position while under time pressure. Draw

Keith Ward is on 4 points ahead of Kate Wong on 3.5. Five of the other players are on 2.5

C2 Grade

Euan McDougall vs Peak – White made a mistake and let black pick up a pawn (although black missed the line that would have won the Queen for a Knight). White got it back in a rook and pawn endgame and the players settled for a draw.

Joy Qin vs Ha – Black got himself very tied up after the opening while White had a lot of space. Black then got his Knight trapped in the corner and resigned with too many threats to defend against. 1-0

Jacobs vs Eade – Black blundered a piece for a couple of pawns and white never looked back. 1-0

Bishop vs Caroline Yan – White gave up an exchange for two passed pawns and Black was unable to correct defend against them. 1-0

Everett Bishop is leading on 4 points, Stephen Peak is second on 3.0 and most of the others players are on 2.5

D Grade

On Board one Oscar Qin got a good opening against Wayne MacDougall but failed to push his attack correctly and Wayne was ahead after swaps.

Top upsets were by Tom Fu, Daniel Morrin and Jain Uday.

Wayne MacDougall is is now on 5 out of 5. A full point ahead of 4 other players.

Potential draw for D Grade round 6 is: