Winter Cup 2017 – Round 5

A reduced number of games played this week due to the George Trundle Tournaments and School Holidays.

A reminder to players that the Merv Morrison tournament will be played over Labour Weekend (Oct 21-23) at the Club. See the NZ Chess Calendar page for an entry form.

Winter Cup Rd5 PGN by Ewan Green

A Grade

Just two games played this week.

Allen Fan vs Alphaeus Ang – Around 12 moves or theory although the move order was a little unusual. The game was fairly even until White blundered with 18. Nc2 which allowed Black to win material and force the win. 0-1

Bruce Watson vs Alexei Kulashko – The Game got messy early on with Queens swapped and broken pawn structures on both sides. White game up 3 pawns for an attack and Black handed back a piece. However when White was unable to force mate Black managed to push his pawns for a Queen. 0-1

Alexei Kulashko is in the sole lead on 4.0/5 but some of the players behind him have a game or two in hand.

B Grade

Paul Macdonald vs Caroline Yan – The PGN has extensive comments from Paul – After giving up a pawn to leave holes in Black’s position though which he bounced his Knight(s) (supported by his other pieces) and gave Black a serious of threat which she scrambled to counter. Black resigned when he position became unholdable. 1-0

Alex Nagorski vs Nathan Goodhue – A fairly even looking opening and middle game swung towards white when he picked up a passed pawn in the endgame. But white was unable to find his way passed Black and settled for a draw.

Mark Brimble vs Keith Ward – After an interesting early middle game the players elected for a draw.

Don Eade vs Roy Seabrook – White overlook a move and Black was able to drop his Queen into the middle of Whites position and pick up a piece. White had little chance after that although he tried a desperation attack which at one point allowed him a perpetual check. However his missed this and resigned a few moves later. 0-1

Paul Macdonald leads with 5/5 and Alex Nagorski is 2nd on 4 points. Nathan Goodhue is on 2.5 with a game in hand. The rest of the field is on just 0.5 points against the 3 leaders.

C Grade

Everett Bishop vs Euan McDougall – Black was force to give up a Knight after getting his Rook unexpectedly trapped. White used his material advantage to press and force a win. 1-0

Stephen Peak vs Xinyang Liu – White miscalculated and allowed a mate threat to tie up his pieces which Black exploited. Black swapped down to a rook and pawn endgame two pawns ahead but White was compensated with more intuitive. The players agreed on a Draw.

Rodney Li vs Isabelle Ning – After an even start Black found a tactic in the middle game to pick up an exchange an initiative. White was able to pull things back but then launched an attack which left his King Fatally under-defended. 0-1

James Liu vs Simon Lyall – Black played a little passively but the game was fairly even. However White resigned after he allowed a tactic that allowed Black to win an exchange. 0-1

Winston Weng vs Wayne McDougall – Black got off to a good start after a push against White’s king yielded an exchange. White’s counter attacks didn’t seem enough but Black made a mistake and gave back a rook. White was able to cruise to a win. 1-0

Upsets Round 5:

  • Isabelle Ning beat Rodney Li
  • Winston Weng beat Wayne McDougall
  • Selena Hu beat Eric Liang
  • Kelvin Xiao beat Leo Li
  • Hugh Gao drew with Virginia Milne

The Grade is led by Everett Bishop with 5/5 . 3 players are 2nd-equal on 4 points Aaron Wang, Tim Ha and Isabelle Ning.