Club Champs 2018 – Rounds 1 and 2

The 2018 Auckland Chess Centre Club  Champs is across 9 rounds in June though August. The A and B grades are 10 player round robins while the C grade is a Swiss ( with just over 60 players). All Grades are NZCF rated while the A and B grades are FIDE rated.

Vega Links: A Grade, B Grade, C Grade

A Grade

Watson and Garbett lead after two rounds with 2/2 . The top two seeds (Hague and Kulashko) drew against each other.

Biggest upset in the first two round as was Gordon Morrell getting a draw against Daniel Gong in round 2.

B Grade

After two rounds only Don Eade is undefeated. Top seed Paul MacDonald beat second seed Nathan Goodhue but drew his other game.


Lyall drew with MacDonald in round 1
Nicole Qin beat Alex Nagorski in Round 2
Tim Ha beat Caroline Yan in round 2

C Grade

10 players were on 2 points after 2 rounds.

Upsets in round 1:

Selena Hu beat Jason Huang
Jeffery Yu beat Virginia Milne
Joe Wang drew with Arkadi Poliakevitch

Upsets in Round 2:

Brian Zhao beat Toby Zhang
Isabelle Ning beat Andrew Michael
Felix Xie beat Euan McDougall
Hannah Xu beat Leo Li
Philip Te Whata beat Aaron Wang