Summer Cup 2018 – Final Results

Apologies for the delay in posting the results. There were a couple of catchup games played after the finish date.

The Summer cup was played in February and March 2018 over 7 rounds. There were 3 Round-robin grades (A-D) and a Swiss grade (D).

Vega Links: A Grade , B Grade , C Grade , D Grade

A Grade

Alexei Kulashko and Ben Hague dominated the grade dropping just a loss and a draw each.

1st= Alexei Kulashko & Ben Hague on 5.5
3rd Alphaeus Ang on 5.0

B Grade

The grade was a little messy due to a couple of players dropping out and thus some missed games. Erwin and Qi Le stepped in to fill the gaps although they struggled a little. Leo Zhang is still regaining form after taking time off.

Winner was John Duneas with 5.5 while Alex Nagorski played well above his rating to get second. Third was Nathan Goodhue.

1st John Duneas 5.5
2nd Alex Nagorski  4.5
3rd Nathan Goodhue 3.5

C Grade

Simon Lyall won the grade, just conceding just two draws. Nicole Qin led the the grade initially with 4 early wins but then faded in last 3 rounds. This allowed Roy Seabrook to pip her for 2nd place with 4 wins in his last 4 games.

1st Simon Lyall 6.0
2nd Roy Seabrook 5.0
3rd Nicole Qin  4.5

D Grade

Euan McDougall led the grade by a full point with 5 points in 5 rounds but lost on round 6 and then took a bye in round 7. Several others leaders took byes in the last round and Jordon Lewis was able to push though to claim first.

1st Jordan Lewis 6.0
2nd= James Liu, Euan McDougall 5.5