Winter Cup 2018 – Round 7

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October 20-22 – Merv Morrison weekend tournament
October 22 – No Monday Club Night
October 29 – Round 1 of the Spring Cup

The ACC Winter Cup is two rated Swiss grades over 7 rounds.

Vega Links: A Grade, B Grade

2018 Winter CUP R7 PGN by Alex Nagorski and Ewan Green with help from Paul and Simon.

A Grade

Paul Macdonald vs John Duneas – See Paul’s annotated in the PGN for the full details. White got a huge attack against Black’s King and accurate play by White and some inaccuracies by Black secured the win. 1-0

Macdonald vs Duneas after 20 Ne5

Allen Fan vs Alex Nagorski – White picked up an early pawn and after some swaps ended up with a mate threat which forced Black to give up a piece. 1-0

Gordon Morrell vs Nathan Goodhue – White was a little better though most of the game. He resigned when Black got a breakthrough in the endgame, although the computer claims the position is a draw. 0-1

Alphaeus Ang vs Roy Seabrook –  Pieces and pawns were exchanged as the players sent expeditions into each others ranks. Black missed a tactic and resigned when he lost a piece (see diagram). 0-1

Ang vs Seabrook after 17. ..Rxb2 . White to play and win.

Tim Ha vs Sarah Yan – White got some pressure but missed the best continuation and Black locked the position. White then sacrificed a piece for two pawns but gained nothing. Unfortunately Black allowed a perpetual check in an otherwise won position. Draw

James Liu vs Simon Lyall – Both players played a little passively. Black tried an attack but it petered out and they agreed on a draw.

Winston Weng vs Abraham Deng – A fairly even game with. Black resigned when he had a piece trapped. However he had a way to escape and keep himself in the game. 1-0

Daniel Gong vs Arkadi Polyakevich – White launched an attack against Black’s Castled King and Black made a couple of mistakes. 1-0

Aaron Wang vs Rodney Li –  The players agreed on a draw in a sharp position. Draw

Andrew Michael vs Caroline Yan – White launched an aggressive attack but over-reached and trapped a piece. 0-1

Don Eade vs JC Mullage – A natural looking move by Black allowed White to threaten a pin on Black’s Queen. White picked up two pawns and Black resigned a few moves later with more loss imminent. 1-0

Jordon Lewis vs Philli Park-Tamati – White got a pawn down an offered a repeat of moves, Black accepted. Draw

Stephen Peak vs John Packenham – White kept up a steady pressure and eventually picked up a couple of pawns and then a piece. 1-0

Virginia Milne vs David Ansell – White got away with some unsound tactics when Black missed the best replies. 1-0

The final result was:

1st equal on 5.5: Allen Fan, Paul Macdonald and Nathan Goodhue
4th on 5.0: John Duneas
5th equal on 4.5: Alex Nagorski, Alphaeus Ang, Winston Weng.

B Grade

Anya Thurner vs Boyuan Zhang – After quickly swapping material the players agreed on a draw in an equal endgame.

Jason Huang vs Ariel Patdu – White resigned after losing a couple of pawns. 0-1

Upsets in Round 7:

Erica Hu beat Ying Wang
Hanna Xu beat N L Ravi

Final Result:

1st on 5.5 points: Anya Thurner
2nd = on 5 points: Joe Wang, Boyuan Zhang, Ariel Patdu and Tom Fu.