Saturday Night Junior Chess Reopens Feb 13th

Hi everyone. We are reopening for the Saturday Night Junior Chess on the 13th February this year. Unfortunately, I have lost all of my phone contacts on my holiday trip. We would like to ask our parents to send me a txt with their child’s name, so we can inform everyone about our future junior night events. My contact number is 021-0543891, Alex. Thank you so much.

We also would like to ask whether if our parents are interested in the return of the ACC Junior Rapids (which was run monthly from 2016-2019, on behalf of GM Murray Chandler) in 2021. Quite a few parents were asking about this last year and we also keen to start running it again.

There will be a schedule for this year’s Saturday Junior Nights. A link will be added here (and on the club page) when it’s up and running.

Lastly, we would like to ask your opinion about what future chess events you would like to see us to run, we can make it happen! We highly value your opinion.