Autumn Cup – Round 1

A reminder that the ACC May weekender starts on Saturday May 6th. It is played across 3 days over 2 weekends.See the NZCF calendar page for details.

The 2017 Autumn Cup started on April 24th. It is a two 7-round swiss tournaments, each with just over 30 players.

For the first round a larger number of people took byes due to school holidays and also playing in the ANZAC weekender that took place that weekend  and following day

We unfortunately also had around 7 players from B Grade ( Zi Hao Lin, Zyre Milina, Jason Huang, Hugh Gao, Isaac Yuan, Jacob Chai, Jeffrey Yu and Shawn Hui) not bother turning up without telling us beforehand. This meant that their opponents had a wait around for 15 minutes until another opponent could be found. A reminder that players who do this repeatedly will be withdrawn from tournaments.

PGN for Round 1 of the Autumn Cup by Ewan Green

A Grade

The fist round saw the usual mismatches with only one upset.

Hague v Caroline Yan – fairly even as players exchanged pieces, but black allowed a tactic that White didn’t miss. 1-0

Tim Ha vs Watson – White castled without covering pieces on his King side & Black threatened mate to win a piece. Win in 13 moves. 0-1

Garbett vs Eric Wu – White poked some holes in Blacks defense with some swaps and then pushed in with a couple of supported Knights with too many threats to for black to block. 1-0

Burrows vs Gong – after a dubious opening and cramped looking position White found a nice tactic to break out for a slight advantage. But he made a tactical error a few moves later and resigned. 0-1

Morrell vs Peak – A Slav which White played strangely and allowed Black to quickly equalize. Black then took advantage of Whites poor pawn structure and swapped down to a rook each and a pawn advantage. 30 moves later with a rook and 3 pawns vs a rook and pawn. But Black missed a couple of winning moves and had to settle for a draw. Draw

Jacobs vs Fan – After a good start by White he allowed a tactic by Black & lost a piece. Black took another 20 moves to mop up – 0-1

Leo Zhang vs Milne – Some sharp tactics with a web of pieces guarding each other in an open position. But Black eventually made a mistake and dropped a piece. 1-0

Andrew Michael vs Jasmine Zhang – White miscalculated a pawn swap and left some pieces under threat. He lost a pawn and got a stranded Knight that Black took a few moves later.  Black opened up the position and created too many threats to handle. 0-1

Wells vs Sarah Yan – Black played will against White’s dubious opening before the game evened out with Black in a solid defensive position. White managed to punch a hole in and won and exchange and then a pawn which he swapped down to a won endgame. 1-0

Steiner vs Nagorski – White made some tactical mistakes and resigned a pawn and an imminent exchange down. 0-1

Eade vs Aaron Wang – Black attempted a tactical trick and got a Queen and Knight stuck. Eventually White allowed him to extract them and after a few missed moves the position was close to even. However Black made a slip-up and allowed a mate in 1. 1-0

Goodhue vs Ward – A slow game with 8 interlocked pawns in chains in the middle of the board and both players maneuvering behind them. Black eventually (on move 50) opening a break which looked good until he blundered a piece. 1-0

Lyall vs Liu – A fairly even game with the players slowly trading down pieces. Eventually they were left with 2 Knights and six pawns each. Black tried a trap which White saw and ended up a little better, A small mistake later by Black saw White with an extra pawn and opposition in a King and pawn endgame. 1-0

B Grade

There were upsets on the top 3 boards with Tom Fu beatign Ying Wang, Winston Weng beating Jocob Barry and Erica Hu winnign against Isabelle Night. Then on board 4 Selena Hu drew with Renae Ghadiali.

Vega Links: A Grade, B Grade

Changes to Friday Night

After discussions with the team, we’ve decided that instead of charging $80/year upfront, it would be fairer to charge non club members, a voluntary $2 per night. This makes it more flexible for the parents and the players. The parents do not need to worry about whether if their child would be interested to play in all of the sessions during the year. It will also be much less of a burden, having to pay it all in one go. This new pricing structure will take effect starting after the July holidays on July 28th.

We’ve also decided that we will also have holidays during school holidays, so that it gives you guys some extra time and the flexibility to use the time for other things other than chess. This does not apply for this current school holiday, and players should turn up on the 28th of April to play at our 9-round Autumn Rapid.

So far the response to our Friday Night events has been positive and the players are really enjoying their time playing chess at our club.

It’s been a struggle to get everything running perfectly but we’re getting there.

Sorry for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience.


Autumn Cup starts this week

A reminder that the first round of  the Autumn Cup is on the 24th of April. Both grades are full so we unfortunately cannot accept new players into the competition.

Vega Links: A Grade, B Grade

If you are going to miss a round please remember to email or send a text to Simon on 021 575 233.

(Friday Night) Autumn Rapid April 28th

Hi all, just a reminder that the Autumn Rapid for Friday Night starts on the 28th of April. It runs through three sessions. It is very difficult for me to contact people since I don’t have any of your numbers. I will be collecting the fees from non-members (those who only wish to play on Fridays) and will also keep a list of the contact numbers of those who play regularly on our Friday Nights, so I could txt the parents about our club events. Tonight there were very few turnouts, mostly because people thought it is the schools holidays, but our Friday Night also runs through School Holidays too (unless to be changed in the future). It was confusing because we were closed on Good Friday and parents easily forget that we are open the week right after.

Hope to see you guys again in our future events.


Autumn rapid 2017 – Result

The 2017 Autumn Rapid was played across 6 rounds rounds and two nights ( April 3rd and 10th ). Just over 60 players entered.

Full Results in online from Vega

After the first night there were three players on 3 points, Ben Hague, Bruce Watson and Allen Fan. There were another 6 on 2.5 points.

Rounds 4 and 5 had two upsets that the top with Leo Zhang beating first Allen Fan and then Bruce Watson to go into the lead in the last round (with 4.5 points). However Leo decided to take a half point bye in the last round which gave a chance for some of the 6 players on 4 points to catch up to him.

Final result was 4 players sharing 1st place on 5 points out of 6

  • Bruce Watson
  • Leo Zhang
  • Ben Hague
  • Gordon Morrell

with John Duneas 4th on 4.5 points and 13 players on 4.0 points (including 1139 rated Winston Weng who beat 3 players rated in the 1500s)

We also had some problems with the Vega software on both nights. This has now been updated and will hopefully behave itself.

Coming Up:

  • A reminder that the club is closed on Easter Friday and Easter Monday.
  • The first round of the Autumn cup is on April 24th
  • The ACC will be running a tournament over ANZAC weekend. Entry forms are here and Vega link is here.


Leo Zhang (left) vs Bruce Watson (both 1st equal)
Ben Hague (1st equal)
Bruce Watson and Gordon Morrell (both 1st equal)
Club members watch Don Eade (playing black) vs Abraham Deng

Summer Cup 2017 – Results

The Summer Cup was the first tournament in the Auckland Chess Centre calender for 2017. A total of 77 players players across 5 grades played 7 rounds during February, March and (for one game) April.

Vega Links: A Grade, B Grade, C1 Grade, C2 Grade, D Grade

A Grade

1st      Bruce Watson on 5.5
2nd= Alexei Kulashko and Ben Hague on 5.0

A Grade Winner Bruce Watson (left) and Ben Hague

B Grade

1st=   Gordon Morrell, Allen Fan and Nathan Goodhue on 4.5

Gordon Morrell, one of the winners of B Grade

C1 Grade

1st     Keith Ward on 6.0
2nd   Kate Song on 4.0
3rd=  Nicole Qin, Eric Wu on 4.5

C1 winner Keith Ward playing Eric Wu

C2 Grade

1st      Everett Bishop on 5.0
2nd    Joy Qin on 4.5
3rd=   Hilton Jacobs, Stephen Peak on 4.0

C2 Winner Everett Bishop (right) playing Hilton Jacobs

D Grade

1st       Xinyang Liu on 6.0
2nd=   Wayne McDougall, Aaron Wang on 5.5
4th=    Andrew Michael, Rodney Li, Ying Wang on 5.0

D Grade Winner Xinyang Liu




Summer Cup – Round 7

A reminder that we have only a couple of places left for entries for the Autumn Rapid and Autumn Cup. Please enter asap.

Monday the 27th of March was the final round of the Summer Cup. I’ll review the round in this post and give a summary of the results in another post.

Links for the Summer Cup

PGN of Summer Cup round 7 by Tim Ha and Ewen Green

A Grade

Steadman vs Hague – Black gave up a pawn for a good centre early in the game but his compensation declined. However black regrouped his attack and white was soon in trouble. However black missed two winning moves (one of which Ben posted to facebook) and had to settle for perpetual check. Draw

Garbett vs Duneas – A slightly better opening for white but black equalised with some swaps. There was a tense position around moved 23-30 but both players found the safe moves and things swapped to a draw.

Ang v Watson – White seemed to get lost after the opening and gave black lots of room to advance and put pressure on his position. A couple of swaps later black had a past pawn. 0-1

Gong vs Kulashko – White made a mistake and gave up a pawn. He got it back and had a small attack with the Queen shortly afterwards but was unable to get his other pieces to help. There were some sharp tactics as the players reduced the number of pieces on the board. However Black ended up an exchange plus a pawn ahead and kept up the pressure until he had a win. 0-1

B Grade

Wells vs MacDonald. Paul has once again extensively annotated his game. See the pgn for the whole thing. The opening left Black in a slightly better position. After much Knight maneuvering blacks position was the better and he was able to win and then two pawns leaving White with no chance with just a piece each in the end. 0-1

Morrell vs Fan – This is also annotated in the PGN. Black played a inferior line in the opening, leaving himself with a pawn on h6 that served as a nice target for white (who built up all his pieces for a king side attack). Black had a small chance of a Queenside push against whites king but was too slow. When Whites eventual push came Black had little chance. 1-0

Nagorski vs Wang – A kings Gambit declined!? But by move 16 Black was still two pawns up. Sloppy moves by black gave white a chance a few moves later which he missed and black was an even exchange up. He was eventually able to turn this into a winning endgame. 0-1

Goodhue vs Jasmine Zhang – Black had some chances but eventually things evened out to a draw.

C1 Grade

Ward vs Milne – Black came out of the opening a little better but gradually got worse as her better pieces were swapped off. Black resigned when white was three pawns up. 1-0

Burrows vs Song – A bit of inattention by Black allowed white to sacrifice a Bishop on h7 and threaten a mate follow-up which force black to give up her Queen for two pieces. White was unable to follow-up correctly though and lost and exchange, then a pawn and eventually resigned while under pressure. A lucky escape for Black. 0-1

Lyall vs Nicole Qin – White unwisely castled into a pawn storm and spent the rest of the game under a lot of pressure. Black tried find a way though for about 20 moves before giving up and agreeing on a draw.

Wu vs Kozakevych – Players swapped pieces until that had opposite coloured bishops and white was a pawn up. Not enough to force things however. Draw

C2 Grade

Joy Qin vs Peak – The players open with the Spanish which while it may be popular elsewhere in the world is not at the club.  We even go the “Spanish Knight” going to g3. Things were fairly even before black allowed a tactic which led to a crushing attack. 1-0

Jacobs vs Euan MacDougall – A even looking opening and early game. Black moved most of his pieces to the Queen side which gave white pressure allowing the half-open F-file. It all came to an end when black overloaded a defender and forgot it was stopping mate. 1-0

Bishop vs Ha – Black got off to a good start, swapped a Night for a Bishop and leaving white with doubled pawns and a blocked in Bishop. After some swaps black was still a little ahead but didn’t take a free pawn and the players were in an endgame with 7 pawns each and White’s bishop vs Black’s Knight.  30 moves later with the position still even (and fewer pawns) Black lost on time. 1-0

Yan vs Eade – Black got into a great position with a dangerous attack. However he missed the best follow-up and the blundered into a mate-in-one. 1-0

D Grade

Wayne MacDougall vs Rodney Li – After some sharp tactics both players decided to call it a night and took the draw.

Andrew Michael vs Xinyang Liu – A very long game that looked like being a drawn endgame but Xinyang eventually won.

Upsets this round:

  • Renae Ghadiali  winning against Mike Steiner (576 points rating difference!)
  • Isabell Ning beating Sarah Yan
  • Hugh Gao beating Louie Wei
  • Kenny Zhang beating Jacob Chai
  • Felix Xie drawing with David Ansell


Autumn Rapid and Autumn Cup almost full

A reminder that if you wish to play in the Autumn Rapid you need to sign-up immediately. The field is limited to 70 players and we currently have 65 entries.

Check your name on the list of entries and if it is missing and you want to play then email or text Simon.

Similarly there are only around 10 places left for the Autumn Cup. Entries are online for A Grade and B Grade.


Summer Cup – Round 6

Next week is the last round of the Summer Cup, after which we have the Autumn Rapid and then the Autumn Cup. We have almost reach the player limit of 70 for the Autumn rapid so if you want to enter you should do so straight away via email or txt.

There is a signup sheet for the Autumn Cup at the Club or you can enter via email or txt. The Autumn Cup will be two Swiss grades. The cutoff will be 1500 but please discuss with Simon if you want to go up (or down) a grade.

Finally a reminder that March 27th is the final night for discounted Subscriptions. If you pay after then it will cost you more. Also if you have not payed your subscription you may not be able to play in future tournaments.

Links for the Summer Cup

PGN for Round 6 of the Summer Cup by Tim Ha and Ewen Green

A Grade

Hague vs Gong – Black was a little slow to castle which let White’s center attack have some extra bite. A couple of mistakes later and it was all over. 1-0

Kulashko v Ang – A very even looking game with White a little better. Things swapped down to a rook and pawn endgame and then white got an advantage, picked up a pawn and swapped to a Lucena Postion. 1-0

Watson vs Garbett – An unusual opening that led to a strange looking position with White’s pieces on strange squares. White picked up a pawn and got a winning endgame. 1-0

Duneas vs Steadman – A more conventional opening. Black got a nice position by move 20, threatening to push down the board. He was even up a pawn for a few moves but White managed to get it back and even things with a queen, rook and some pawns each. Black missed a promotion chance and white was RPP vs RP.  However Black defended well. Draw

Going into the last round Watson and Hague are on 4.5 while Kulashko is on 4.0

B Grade

MacDonald vs Goodhue – The PGN has extensive analysis by Paul. A fairly even game with some chances for White. Draw

Zhang vs Nagorski – White played her usual London System and Black got himself in early trouble. By move 13 White was 2 pawns up with more threatened. Unfortunately she missed the best lines and after a few swaps was only a pawn up. Final position was opposite coloured bishops and pawns. A lucky escape for Alex. Draw

Tony Wang vs Morrell – After some problems in the opening, White halted Black’s attack and tried a counter-attack, sacrificing the exchange to get a rook and then a pawn on the 7th rank. However his attack ran out of steam and he lost on time. 0-1

Fan vs Wells – Despite missing some simple tactics a few times White managed to stay ahead. Eventually he saw one of the tactics and picked up a piece. After he got another black gave up. 1-0

Allen Fan is in first place on 4.5 ahead of Nathan on 4.0.

C1 Grade

Milne vs Wu postponed till Thursday. Updated: Just out of the opening black lost a piece to a tactic and then a couple of pawns. But White made a mistake and lost the piece back. After Black made an attack on White’s King, white made a mistake and allowed checkmate. 0-1

Kozakevych vs Lyall – Black managed to find the correct moves (this time) in the same opening as game 4 and was slightly ahead after the opening. After some swaps Black tried to find a hole in White’s position but couldn’t find the correct line and the players agreed on a draw after a dozen moves of shuffling – Draw

Nicole Qin vs Burrows – Black missed a mate threat and lost a rook and pawn for a Knight. A few moves later & another tactic he lost a Knight. Then after the next piece was lost Black gave up.

Song vs Ward – White got a cramped position at the start and after some swaps Black had a better position. After some maneuvering Black picked up a pawn. White made a mistake in the endgame and resigned as Black was about to go a Queen up. 0-1

Kieth Ward is 1.5 points ahead of Kate Song and Nicole Qin.

C2 Grade

Peak vs Caroline Yan – A fairly standard looking game until Black pushed all her pieces to the Queenside and left her Kingside unguarded. A pawn push later the whole position fell apart and White had a mating attack. 1-0

Eade vs Bishop – Black got in trouble early with white having a good attack against his King. See diagram below for the position after Black’s 11th move with White to play (find the best move). But White made a mistake, lost the exchange and Black was ahead. A few move later White got the exchange back and then black made a miscalculation and lost a piece

Ha vs Jacobs – Jacobs look better for most of the game but eventually the players evened up with the entire position blocked by pawns. Draw

Euan McDougall vs Joy Qin – After the position bounced between the players White lost a piece in the endgame and resigned. 0-1

Stephen Peak and Everett Bishop are half a point ahead of two other players.

D Grade

The Top four board were all upsets:

  • On Board one previously undefeated Wayne McDougall lost to Xinyang Lin
  • Andrew Michael upset Oliver Picken
  • Leo Li drew with Aaron Wang
  • Daniel Morrin beat Sarah Yan

Further down the field Hugh Gao upset Mike Steiner and Sylvia McDougal beat Pahuja Gaurav,

Andrew Michael, Wayne McDougall and Xinyang Lin are now on 5.0 points while 3 players are just behind them on 4.5

Below is the possible draw for D grade in round 7.

Signup now for the Autumn Rapid

The Autumn Rapid will be 6 rounds across the 3rd and 10th of April.

There is a signup sheet at the club or you can register via email or txt. Entries are limited to 70 so get in early to ensure you have a place.

Entries received so far are online

The signup sheet for the Autumn Cup will also go up soon.

PS: “Eric” please put in your full name, we have two Eric’s currently playing at the club.