Auckland Interclubs A-grade starts on 18/06

The Auckland Chess Association is resuming interclub matches, starting with the A-grade. The first match is on the 18th of June, so please contact Timothy ASAP, if you want to represent ACC.

Full schedule and more details on

Start TimeDayDate
6.15pmSunday18th June 2023A-grade round 1
6.15pmSunday2nd July 2023A-grade round 2
6.15pmSunday9th July 2023A-grade round 3
6.15pmSunday30th July 2023A-grade round 4
6.15pmSunday20th August 2023A-grade round 5

Autumn Rapid – 29/5 and 12/6

Autumn Rapid will be run over two nights — tomorrow, Monday, 29/5, then two weeks later, Monday, 12/6. The club is closed during the King’s Birthday weekend.

We’ve added club members who signed up in the club last Monday and some who contacted the captain later. Other members can join the event in the club on the night.

Please note that we’re expecting players to have paid the club fee to continue playing after this Rapid event. Please contact the captain if you have questions about that.

The Auckland Chess Weekends series continues on 20-21/5

The May event of our club’s weekend classical tournament series will be held on Sat-Sun, 20th and 21st of May. Register online at (current list of those registered on Vega)

  • ACW events take only two days, just a normal weekend, and you can leave long weekends for bigger plans such as travelling
  • ACW events are played in a slightly faster time control of 60 minutes plus 30 seconds increment, which is still considered classical by FIDE
  • Unrated players in ACW events will not have to play each other, which provides an opportunity for more players to get FIDE-rated quicker.

The full list of ACW events is on the Auckland Chess Weekends page.

Autumn Cup continues on 17/4; register for the ANZAC weekender

The Autumn Cup will resume on 17/4. Please let the captain know if you cannot come, all as usual.

During the ANZAC weekend, the traditional 3-day, 6-round Swiss tournament with 90+30 chess will be held at ACC. ANZAC day will be Tuesday 25/4, so the tournament days will be on the 22nd, 23rd, and 25th of April. Register online

The club night will happen on 24/4 (Monday is a working day), as usual.

Brogan Powlesland wins ACW March

Brogan Powlesland didn’t make the cut to join the ACC Summer Cup on Mondays, but participated in the inaugural Auckland Chess Weekend (ACW) event at ACC and won it, collecting a nice ACW T-shirt! The next event will be in May (see the ACW section on our website for details).

Top boards were broadcast live on Lichess