Winter Cup (Jun 28 – Aug 9) registration

The Winter Cup will be run in three grades A (8 top players, round-robin), B and C (Swiss, grade cut-off by somewhere around 1400-1500 in NZCF or FIDE rating, whichever is higher).

The current list of players who registered via the club signup sheet or were directly chased by the captain:

We have only 80 seats and are already full after just one day of registration being opened. Some players will be on the waitlist, so if some players don’t turn up on the night, people from the waitlist will get paired to play (if the number in their grade is even).

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Quick update on the Autumn Cup 2021

Autumn Cup has a rest day on Monday, June 7 (many of us will play in the Trusts Open tournament — good luck!)

FM Mike Steadman is on a perfect score 5.0/5 and leading in the ACC Autumn Cup A-grade, a round-robin tournament between the top 8 players. He still has to face FMs Alphaeus Ang and Daniel Gong, though 🙂 Vega link

In the B-grade, Euan McDougall was on 4.0/4 before round 5 when he faced Daqi Mao and lost. Daqi has played 4 rounds of the 5 and has won all 4 games, so he’s leading on 4.5/5 (4 wins + 1 bye) with a bunch of people on 4.0. Vega link

Jay Zhao, Michael Ma and Ying Wang are on 4.0/5 and leading in the C-grade. Vega link

Saturday Junior Night Chess pauses on May 22nd and resumes next week

Just a heads up that on May 22nd, we won’t be running the Saturday Junior Night due to the ACC Weekender being run at the venue. We will resume on the following week. We will also have a break during the Trust Open tournament on June 5th.

May 22nd – Break
May 29th – Resume
June 5th – Break
June 12th – Our schedule resumes to normal


Allen Fan to represent NZ at FIDE World Cup 2021

Great news for young NZ chess talents:

FM Allen Fan (b. 2004) will represent New Zealand at the FIDE World Cup in Sochi, Russia, July 2021 (tournament details: PDF + calendar)

WCM Isabelle Ning (b. 2009) and Felix Xie (b. 2008) will participate in the FIDE Chessable Academy and get special coaching from the world’s best!

The note on NZCF website reads:

Allen Fan selected for the World Cup

Allen Fan

NZCF has selected 17-year-old FM Allen Fan to represent NZ at the World Cup in Sochi, Russia, to be played from July 10th. Allen started playing chess at five and credits his parents for dedicating countless hours of time and effort to his chess ambitions, including travelling with him to international youth competitions. Allen has enjoyed participating in global online competitions but is pleased to be selected for a prestigious over-the-board event as Covid (hopefully) wanes. He is intent on doing everything he can to progress further and eventually become an IM.

ACC leads in 2021 Auckland Interclub A-grade after two rounds

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Interclub tournaments are held in Auckland by the Auckland Chess Association. Teams of 6 players from each club are playing roughly every second Sunday. This year, six teams are participating — Auckland Chess Centre, Howick-Pakuranga, North Shore, Papatoetoe, Waitakere, and Summit. It’s a round-robin tournament and lasts five rounds.

ACC beat Howick 4.5-1.5 in the first round and beat Papatoetoe 5-1 in the second round. Current standings are (final standings are based on game points)


The schedule, details of each match, and the list of players are available on

The next match will be held on May 16, when Auckland plays North Shore CC, which is currently on 3rd place in the standings.

Round 3, May 16
North Shore – Auckland
Summit – Howick-Pakuranga
Papatoetoe – Waitakere
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Autumn Cup A, B, C grades, waitlist and penalties

The FIDE-rated Autumn Cup (7 rounds of 90m+30s classical chess) will run from May 3 to June 21 (with a break for Queen’s Birthday and Trusts Open tournament on June 5-7) and will consist of 3 grades:

A-grade, a round-robin tournament for top 8 players

B-grade, a Swiss tournament for 50 players with a rating >= 1300 FIDE (either classical or rapid)

C-grade, a Swiss tournament for 28 players with a rating < 1300 FIDE

This year our club is experiencing a boom and we are running out of space. The total number of players is 86, but our club has only 80 seats, so we have to introduce a waitlist. B-grade and C-grade will have a waitlist of 3 players each, and on the night, if others drop out due to illness or exams or any other life issues, players from the waitlist will get a spot.

Now to penalties… Please understand that the waitlist is created because every chess player wants to have a game, but this also means everybody else needs to be responsible and notify the captain before 6:30 pm on Monday nights. If a player or his/her parents forget to do that twice, they’ll be withdrawn from the tournament.

The waitlist

  • B-grade: David Holland
  • C-grade: Ethan Tai, Jerome Tao, James Kippenberger

If you’re unhappy with seeing yourself (or your child) on the waitlist, please come to the captain and require a one-time compensation in form of a Chessable course. There’ll be hard work for you to do instead of playing a Monday night game!

Autumn Cup registration list (please check)

Please find and check your name on our registration list

No new names will be accepted unless you’ve missed out because of a communication error with the captain and you can prove that the captain is wrong. Thanks for your understanding.

There will be a round-robin of 8 players on top of the list, and two Swiss grades, B and C. If some of the top 8 can’t commit to 7 games, they’ll be moved down to the Swiss B-grade.

The top 8 at the moment are: (we’ll use May 1 ratings in the final grouping)

1Ang, Alphaeus Wei ErnNZLFM2265
2Gong, Daniel HanwenNZLFM2242
3Garbett, Paul ANZLIM2239
4Fan, Allen Chi ZhouNZLFM2193
5Steadman, Michael V RNZLFM2157
6Huang, AlexNZLCM1988
7Zhang, Jasmine HaomoNZLWIM1954
8Macdonald, PaulNZL1890

Please also note that the number of 85 players on the list means that on every particular night, anybody from the waiting list (we’ll publish the list soon when grades are done) cannot play if all others have turned up.

Autumn Rapid (Apr 12-19, 2021) results

Euan McDougall and FM Alphaeus Ang shared 1st place in the Autumn Rapid. Both had one draw and five wins.

FM Daniel Gong (4 wins, 2 byes) and CM Alex Huang (5 wins, 1 loss) shared second on 5.0/6. Several players were on 4.5, with different paths to their results: WCM Isabelle Ning, Felix Xie, Joe Wang, Hao Tang, and Winston Weng.

  • Isabelle Ning beat Alex Huang and WIM Jasmine Zhang, then later drew Euan McDougall (who was quite lucky to escape to a draw)
  • Felix Xie had one upset draw with Philli Park-Tamati and lost to Alphaeus Ang
  • Hao Tang drew Alphaeus Ang and beat Paul Macdonald
  • Joe Wang beat Paul Macdonald and others, losing only one game to Alex Huang
  • Winston Weng was away from chess, skipped rounds 1-3 and came back to win rounds 4-6.

Little debutants in the club, Leo Lian and Franklyn Zhang (brother of Jasmine) started slowly in rounds 1-3 (0.5 and 0) but got themselves two wins in rounds 4-6. They can play chess!

Vega page

Autumn Rapid, round 4-6, this Monday, Apr 19 before ANZAC break

Autumn Rapid tournament will resume this Monday, April 19.

In round 3 of the first rapid night, Alphaeus Ang was held to a draw by Hao Tang, and Felix Xie by Philli Park-Tamati. These four are on 2.5/3, with some people on 2.5 after playing only 2 games (0.5 byes in round 3).

Alex Nagorski, Euan McDougall, Isabelle Ning and Jasmine Zhang are on the perfect score of 3.0/3.

ANZAC weekender will happen on April 24-26, so the club will be closed on April 26, and will resume on May 3 for the start of the Autumn Cup.