Summer Rapid 2015 Results

The 2015 Summer Rapid was held on the 23rd and 30th of March and consisted of 6 games of 25min +5sec time control. There were 63 players competing

Top placings were:

1st       Bruce Watson       5.5
2nd-4th   Jasmine Zhang      5.0
          Ben Hague       
          Daniel Gong       
5th       Aaron Wang         4.5
6th-13th  Philip Hair        4.0
          Leo Zhang
          Hans Gao
          Alphaeus Ang
          Wayne McDougall
          Allen Fan
          Eric Wu
          Harry Redwood

Summer Cup 2015 results

The 2015 Summer Cup was player over 7 rounds during February and March. The Club was split into 8 player A, B1 and B2 grades plus 46 players in C Grade. The Top places are below with points out of seven.

A Grade

1st   6.5 Bruce Watson
2nd 6.5 Ben Hague
3rd  5.0 Michael Steadman

B1 Grade

1st    7.0 Alphaeus Ang
2nd  6.0 Allen Fan
3rd= 4.0 Sean Martin-Buss
3rd= 4.0 Jasmine Zhang

B2 Grade

1st     7.0 Daniel Gong
2nd= 4.5 Richard Taylor
2nd= 4.5 Paul MacDonald
2nd= 4.5 Leo Zhang

C Grade

1st= 5.5 David Milne
1st= 5.5 Karl Holdo
1st= 5.5 George Chen
4th= 5.0 Scott Treanor
4th= 5.0 Euan McDougall
4th= 5.0 Akshay Sharma
4th= 5.0 Wayne McDougall

Waitangi Weekender Tournaments

There will be 2 Tournaments over the Waitangi Day Weekend (Friday the 6th – Sunday the 8th of February) at the Auckland Chess Centre.

An Open tournament, a 6-round Swiss system with a Standard time control of all moves in 90 minutes with an increment of 30 seconds per move from move one. 2 Rounds on each day at 9:30am and 2:30pm. Download entry form for more details.

There will also be a Lightning tournament on the Saturday evening. Download the Lightning entry form.

See Vega: Waitangi Weekender; Waitangi Blitz for current entries and results/draw once tournament starts.