Winter Cup – Round 7

This week was the 7th and last round of the Winter Cup. There were several upsets, see below.

  • There are some unplayed games in A and B grade, please let me know if the listed results for the are incorrect.
  • The Spring Cup will be starting next week. Entries so far are on Vega for A Grade and B Grade. Please let me know before Monday if you are not listed and wish to still enter or with to withdraw or change grade.
  • I’m hoping to do posts with the Winter Cup results, and a report on the Merv Morrison in the near future.

Winter Cup round 7 PGN by Alex Nagorski

A Grade

Nathan Goodhue had a nice position against Alphaeus Ang but a couple of small errors allowed Alphaeus to counter-attack with his queen and catch Nathan in a mate

Daniel Gong vs John Duneas had some interesting play but swapped down to an opposite color bishop draw.

Mike Steadman had a pawn and an attack against Alex Huang but missed the best lines and enabled Alex to make a very strong counter-attack. Alex took perpetual check, however the computer finds a forced mate for Alex (in 14 for the longest line) in the final position. (Note: names corrected from earlier version).

Bruce Watson was having a nice game against Allen Fan before he miscalculated a sequence and ended up a piece down.

B Grade

Just two games played tonight.

Alex Nagorski was going well against Richard Taylor before he miscalculated and lost a piece.

Hilton Jacobs blundered into a mate-in-one early in has game against Paul MacDonald.

C Grade

Clinton Wells quickly beat Mathew Steadman to get a share of first place.

Temu Maroroa and Andrew Michael had an exciting game with Temu almost in checkmate at one end of the board he checkmated Andrew at the other.

The Vega Websites for the Winter Cup Are: