Spring Cup – Round 1

The first round of the Spring Cup was on the 30th of November. There were very few upsets.

Photos from round one are on Simon Lyall’s flickr page

A Grade

No pgns this week but photos of scoresheets are online here.  The only upset was Bruce Wheeler losing to Pouya Seifi is a mixed game with errors by both sides.

Daniel Gong, Mike Steadman and Leo Shang all took byes however so they will need to catchup.

B Grade

Again quite a few byes and few few upsets. Winston Weng beat Hugh Gao and Brian Zhao managed to draw with Ryan Dukeson.

Vega for links for the Spring Cup are:

Draft Draws for round 2 are below. Subject to late byes as usual.

Spring Cup R2 Possible Draw Spring Cup R2 Possible Draw