Spring Cup Entries

The Spring Cup will start on November 7th and be a six round unrated swiss tournament with two grades. I’ve created Vega pages for A Grade and B Grade with entries so far.

I have put the dividing line between A and B grade at at rating of 1500. Please talk to me if you are interested in changing grade.

The follow players from the Winter Cup have not entered the Spring Cup, if they wish to play they need to enter before the first round.

  • Bruce Watson
  • John Duneas
  • Alex Huang
  • Nathan Goodhue
  • Paul Macdonald
  • Don Eade
  • Richard Taylor
  • Tomas Madr
  • Hilton Jacobs
  • Tim Ha
  • Clinton Wells
  • Eric Wu
  • Oliver Picken
  • Bishop Everett
  • Tony Wang
  • Stephen Peak
  • Rodney Li
  • David Ansell
  • Jordan Lewis
  • Gaurav Pahuji
  • Temu Maroroa
  • Jason Huang
  • Ryan Dukeson
  • John Liu
  • Eric Liang
  • Tom Fu
  • Samuel Sajch
  • Uday Jain
  • Charlotte Wen
  • Abraham Deng
  • Shawn Hui

Entries are of course also open to other club members not listed above.