Club Champs – Round 6 Games

Review of the Round 6 games from the Club Champs.

Round 6 PNG file by Alex Nagorski

A Grade

Kulashko v Watson: White was ahead for much of the game after giving up both bishops for a pawn (or two) and was close to winning a even endgame before a slip up saw Watson secure a win.

Duneas vs Morrell – White kept a slight led throughout the game and in the endgame black eventually made a fatal mistake.

Ang v Gong : Alphaeus had a commanding position but missed the winning line and the position quickly turned around with Daniel winning material and then the game.

B Grade

Eade vs Zhang: Jasmine nicely outplayed Don

Rider v Taylor: The game began with the From Gambit ( 1f4 e5 2. fxe5 d6 ) and continued with some sharp play by both players. Brett eventually missed a trick and lost a piece.

Fan v Ward: Allen picked up some pressure in the middlegame and Keith was unable to find the best defense.

Nagorski v MacDonald: After finding a nice tactic Alex missed the correct defense of the counter-tactic and ended up a piece down

C Grade

Seifi v Li: A couple of bad moves by Rodney and it was all over.

Joel v Kozakevych: An Abrupt draw just when things were getting interesting

Jacobs v Steiner: A nicely played Central pawn push paid off for Hilton.