Club Champs – Round 7

  • We have just two more rounds to go and some of the grades are looking like they are close to be being decided.
  • In A Grade Alexei Kulasko is now One point ahead of Bruce Watson, however Bruce has two games in hand
  • In B Grade Allen Fan is one point ahead of Keith Ward but Allen still has a game in hand (although so does Keith)
  • C Grade pretty much has all games Played and Hilton Jacobs has a lead of 1.5 points
  • In D Grade Eric Wu is only half a point in the lead but has played and beaten most of those immediate behind him.

Results from Round 7

Round & PGN file from Alex Nagorski

A Grade

  • Alexei never seemed to give Daniel Gong a chance
  • Gino and Alphaeus swapped into a draw
  • Gordon Morrell sacrificed a piece for an attack, when it ran out of steam Nathan took a draw although the computer strongly preferred Nathans position.
  • After a good start John Duneas’s position collapsed against Mike Steadman
  • Bruce Watson and Ben Hague had a very exciting game that eventually ended in a draw.

B Grade

  • Don Eade and Tim Ha had a long game but Tim entered the endgame a pawn up and eventually broke though
  • Simon Lyall had a bad start against Paul MacDonald and just when things were equalizing fatally opened the position.
  • Keith and Alex had very interesting middle game. After some swaps they ended up with an opposite coloured Bishops and pawn endgame which greatly favoured Keith
  • Richard Taylor made a couple of Tactical errors against Allen Fan

C Grade

  • Mike Steiner dropped two pawns and then a piece against Andrew Michael
  • Hilton Jacobs ended up with a lovely combination of pawns and pieces that harassed Sergiy Kozakevych until they destroyed his position.
  • Rodney Li and Chris Joel had a exciting game with some dubious tactics. Chris won
  • Nice win by Scott Treanor over Pouya Seifi

The Vega website for the tournament is

Links to the Schedule for A,B and C grade are on the 2016 Tournaments page.

As of Wednesday Night byes for Round 8 in D Grade:

If you are unable to play please contact Simon Lyall either via text (021 575 233) or email to contact @ . Normally you will get a half point bye. Please let us know as early as possible.

The draft draw for D grade is below. Please remember that this may change if there are additional byes

Screenshot from 2016-08-10 23-56-03