Spring Rapid – Rounds 1-3

  • The Winter Cup be starting in on Monday the 12th of September. It will be 7 rounds with 2 round-robin grades of 8 players and swiss grade for everybody else.  See the Vega page for the entries so far (Note all entries are in the C-Grade page for now). If you want to play then enter on the sheet at the club, email or txt before the tournament starts.
  • The 2016 Olympiad starts on the 2nd of September. 4 Club members are part of the teams representing New Zealand. In the Open team Ben Hague and Alexei Kulashko are playing while in the Women’s team we have Jasmine Zhang and Kate Song.
  • Some photos from Round three of the Rapid are online.

On the 29th of August we played the rounds one, two and three of the Spring Rapid. There were around 60 players (plus a few no-shows) with the whole club playing in a single tournament.

In round one the big upsets were Xinyang Liu drawing with Bruce Wheeler and Tom Fu drawing with Virginia Milne. In both cases there was a 700 point rating difference. Jordan Lewis also had an exciting game against Alphaeus Ang.

Round two also had upsets with Hilton Jacobs beating John Duneas, Rodney Li beating Keith Ward at the top boards.

Round three saw around half the field taking half point byes including Top players Mike Steadman and Alphaeus Ang. On the top board Nathan Goodhue drew with Club Champ Bruce Watson. Further down Bruce Wheeler gave up his 2nd upset draw of the night to 1129 point lower rated Tom Fu.

The current standings are Allen Fan, Daniel Gong and Hilton Jacobs in first place on 3 points. However just behind them are several players on 2.5 points.

I’ll note that Tom Fu got upsets in all three rounds and currently has a performance rating of 1837 when his actual rating is 955.

See the Vega page of the tournament for full details.