Summer Cup – Round 2 draw

The Summer Cup started on February the 15th. We have A,B and C grade of 8-player round-robins with around 30 players in a D-Grade Swiss. All Grades are Nationally rated.

Draw for Round 2

A Grade

Daniel Gong     - Bruce Watson
John Duneas     - Alphaeus Ang
Ben Hague       - Gino Thornton
Alexei Kulashko - Mike Steadman

B Grade

Leo Zhang      - Simon Lyall
Richard Taylor - Vinod Kumar 
William Lee    - Allen Fan
Paul MacDonald - Nathan Goodhue

C Grade

Alex N         - Don Eade
Jasmine Zhang  - James M
Hilton Jacobs  - Joy Qin
Eric Wu        - Keith Ward

Apologies to the new Club members in C-Grade whose full names I don’t have.