Auckland Chess Centre Start Time Change

Due to the increased number of juniors in the club (over half are at school), the Centre will begin starting all games at 7:00 pm from the next event beginning May 2nd 2016 – the Autumn Cup.

To ensure this is successful, the draw will be prepared and advertised on the web and at the Centre during the week for the next Monday night round. Any withdrawals must be made to the club or Simon Lyall by 6:00 pm on Monday night. Failure to notify the club of a withdrawal may disqualify the person from entering the club’s next event.

All events will be advertised 2 weeks in advance and players need to have their names entered. The top round robin events will be populated the week prior to the event, no latecomers will be allowed entry.

Any players, who feel disadvantaged and cannot start at 7pm, please contact Mike Steadman for a refund of their club fees.

Simon Lyall
Club Captain

Bruce Wheeler
Club President