Winter Cup coming up

The Winter Cup will be starting on Sept 12th. A reminder to enter soon if you want to play. Below are the draft grades for the tournament. Please contact me (Simon) if you have any feedback.

Currently Vega has everyone listed in C Grade. Once the A and B are confirmed (probably over the weekend) I will move players into those grade.

A Grade – 8 player round robin – 7 rounds rated

  1. Bruce Watson
  2. Mike Steadman
  3. Daniel Gong
  4. Alphaeus Ang
  5. John Duneas
  6. Alex Huang
  7. Allen Fan
  8. Nathan Goodhue

B Grade – 8 player round robin – 7 rounds – rated

  1. Paul MacDonald
  2. Don Eade
  3. Richard Taylor
  4. Keith Ward
  5. Alex Nagorski
  6. Tomas Midr
  7. Tim Ha
  8. Hilton Jacobs

C Grade – Rest of club – 7 round rated Swiss

There will be about 48 players in this grade including 5 over 1700 and another 5+ over 1600 so this will be a very tough.