Spring Cup 2017 – Round 6

With a big field and lots of draws and upsets the top of the Spring Cup is still tightly bunched after 5 rounds.


Daniel Gong vs Alexei Kulashko – White lost an exchange and was in a bad position but managed an attack to put Black under some pressure Black gave back the exchange. But a few moves later White lost a piece and the game. 0-1

Bruce Watson vs Alphaeus Ang – An even looking game but White made a couple of mistakes and it was all suddenly over. 0-1

Leo Zhang vs Don Eade (friendly) – Black’s complicated web of defended pieces fell apart when White found the right sacrifice. 1-0

Allen Fan vs Stephen Peak – Straight-forward win for White. 1-0

Tom Fu vs Paul Macdonald (see the PGN for Paul’s full analysis) – Black dominated most of the game but gave up a pawn on move 28. White was unable to hold his advantage and ended up doubling his extra pawn in a drawn King and pawn endgame. – Draw

Clinton Wells vs Alex Nagorski -White gave up a pawn for pressure on the g-file but this didn’t appear enough. However when he dropped a piece that settled things. 0-1

Toby Zhang vs Mike Steadman – Easy win for Black. 0-1

Tim Ha vs Mark Brimble – Players swapped to a drawn endgame.

Louie Wei vs Keith Ward – Strange start ( 1. d5 d6 2. f4 c5 ) led to a big pawn centre. Black looked better throughout and invaded along an open file and eventually had a win. 0-1

Nathan Goodhue vs Uday Jain – White dominated throughout. 1-0

Virginia Milne vs Ying Wang – Black lost a piece and White went well after that. 1-0


Samuel Sajch beat Eric Liang
Philip Te Whata beat Andrew Michael
Tom Fu drew with Paul Macdonald
Jacob Chai beat Mathew Steadman
Winston Weng drew with Joy Qin


Leader: Alexei Kulashko 5.5
2nd= Don Eade, Alphaeus Ang, Alex Nagorski 5.0

Draft Seven Draw