Spring Cup 2017 – Round 5

This round saw half-points and upsets loses on the top few boards to narrow up the field a little.


Alexei Kulashko vs Bruce Watson – A fairly even game that swapped down to a drawn endgame. Draw

Daniel Gong vs Gordon Morrell – The players agreed on an draw on move 18 with Black is a slightly better position. Draw

Don Eade vs Nathan Goodhue – White got an attack against Black’s castled King and Black made a couple of mistakes. 1-0

Paul Macdonald vs Simon Lyall – Black sacrificed his Queen for some of white’s pieces but missed the correct follow-up move and didn’t get enough compensation. Black was eventually about to develop his pieces to take advantage of his extra material. 0-1

Alex Nagorski vs Virginia Milne – Black opened up her position which allowed White to get a fork and pick up a piece. 1-0

Philli Park-Tamati vs Clinton Wells – White played well and was better to even up to move 25. But on move 26 he lost a piece and Black swapped down to the endgame. 0-1

Mark Brimble vs Xinyang Liu – Black picked up a pawn but this allowed White to invade his position with 2 rooks and overwhelm Black with threats. 1-0

Keith Ward vs Euan McDougall – White pinned and under-defended piece and got a piece ahead. 1-0

Stephen Peak vs Toby Zhang – Black lost a pawn, then another, than an exchange and finally a Queen. 1-0

Oscar Qin vs Tim Ha – White castled into a pawn storm and spent the next few moves trying to defend against Black’s attack. White (on his 9th birthday) got out of it an exchange down. However¬† made an error and lost a piece in the endgame under pressure.¬† 0-1

Roy Seabrook vs Allen Fan – In a complicated tactical position Black picked up a couple of pawns and then managed to survive Whites counter-attack. Once White’s attack was stopped he resigned due to an imminent mate.

Ying Wang vs Andrew Michael – Black got careless and allowed his Bishop to be trapped and lost. White then was able to keep the pressure on until she won. 1-0


  • Uday Jain beat Grant Burrows
  • Tom Fu beat Aaron Wang
  • Abraham Deng beat David Ansell
  • Ying Wang beat Andrew Michael
  • Kelvin Xiao beat John Liu
  • Don Eade beat Nathan Goodhue
  • Simon Lyall beat Paul Macdonald


Bruce Watson and Alexei Kulashko are leading on 4.5 ahead of 6 players on 4.0 and 8 players on 3.5 with two roads to play.

Draft draw for round 6: