Start of 2017 update

  • 2017 Calendar is now online
  • New Zealand Champs
  • Some results from last year

Happy New Year everybody. I hope you all had a good break.

2017 Calendar

The 2017 Calendar is now online, See the calendar page for details. This year we will start with a Simil on January 23rd followed by a two weeks break and then the Summer Cup will start on February 13th. More Details posted soon.

There is also a Junior Rapid on January 23rd and an Auckland Anniversary Weekender on January 27th-30th. See the NZCF Calendar page for details.

Congress Results

Several players from the Club played at the New Zealand Chess Congress on Wellington. Results for them included:

NZ Champs: 3rd= Danial Gong
NZ Junior: 1st Allen Fan
NZ Junior: 2nd= Oliver Picken
NZ Rapid Champs: 1st= Hans Gao
NZ Blitz: 2nd= Ewen Green

For fuller results see the NZ Chess results page.

Results from last night of 2017

The last night of 2017 was AGM, Pizza, Prizegiving and a Chess960 tournament.

The Chess 960 was held over 6 Blitz rounds (with varied time controls). Winner was Alexi Kulashko with Ben Hague and Daniel gong 2nd and 3rd.

After a check it appears the joint 2016 Club Rapid champions are John Duneas, Alphaeus Ang, Alex Nagorski. They all scored 5.0 in the Summer Rapid and 4.5 in the Spring Rapid.

Finally the ACC Centre Spirit Prize was awarded to Alex Nagorski.

Some photos from the final night of 2017 are online.