Spring Cup – Round 6

The 6th and  final round of the Spring Cup was played on December 12th. Results below

  • December 19 will be the last Club night for 2016. We will have the AGM, Prize-giving, Pizza and a Chess960 tournament.

Round 6 PGN by Alex Nagorski

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A Grade

Bruce Watson vs Alexei Kulashko – Bruce dominated the game from start to finish, starting out better in the opening and gradually increasing his advantage until Alexei resigned.

Daniel Going vs Gordon Morrell – Some interest at the start but after most pieces were traded the players agreed on a draw in a even (going on dead) position after 22 moves.

Ben Hague vs John Duneas – John grabbed an exposed pawn but missed that it was guarded by a mate threat and lost a Knight for it. John managed to pick up a couple of extra pawns but Ben got them back as pieces were exchanged and his extra piece dominated. Win for Ben.

Kieth Ward vs Allen Fan – A fairly even game with some chances for both players. However Keith made a slipup and his position rapidly deteriorated.

Jasmine Zhang vs Virginia Milne – After missing a (hard to see) way of trapping Jasmine’s Queen, Virginia lost a piece and resigned after things got worse.

Leo Zhang vs Alex Huang – An interesting game went one-sided after Alex drove a pawn though the middle of Leo’s position.

Nathan Goodhue vs Tim Ha – After a long and fairly even game Tim missed a mate-in-one threat.

Paul MacDonald vs Alex Nagorski – Paul blundered a piece for a pawn on move 8 but by move 28 had got back 2 more pawns for his piece. He eventually had 5 pawns and a rook to Alex’s rook, Knight and single pawn. Alex then lost his rook and resigned.

Simon Lyall vs Tony Wang – Simon got a very good position and pawn lead in the opening but failed to followup. After a swap Tony had a very threatening passed pawn and a series of inaccurate moves by Simon gave Tony a winning endgame.

Eric Wu vs Sergiy Kozakevych – An exchange sacrifice by Eric yelding nothing and Sergiy was able to explot his material advantage to win.

Andrew Michael vs Don Eade – Andrew missed some early tactics which allowed Don to win a piece

The final result was that Bruce Watson and Ben Hague’s wins took them both to first equal on 5.0 points ahead of Alex Kulashko, Gordon Morrell and Daniel Gong on 4.5

B Grade

For obscure reason this round saw 7 Black Wins (the top 3 and bottom 4 boards), 3 white wins and 2 draws.

Leader Euan Macdougall won on the top board to come in first. Second equal were James Liu and Xinyang Liu.