2018 Summer Cup – Round 1

Apologies for getting a little behind with rounds. I hope to catchup in the next few days.

2018 Summer Cup Round 1 PGN by Ewen Green

A Grade

No real upsets, although Gong was lucky to escape with a draw after being a passed pawn down in the endgame, luckily for him he was able to round it up.

In Alphaeus Ang vs Paul Garbett – Black sacrificed the exchange for a huge attack that quickly won. See the diagram for the deadly attack.

B Grade

Once again see Paul Macdonald’s commentary on his game against Brett Rider. He prepared an opening move against Brett’s opening and was able to put Brett on the back foot and win.

Alex Nagorski had a good win against Leo Zhang after a pawn push opened up Leo’s position.

C Grade

Simon Lyall vs Joy Qin was a French, Joy wasted time in the opening and allowed Simon to get a winning attack.

Tim Ha vs Nicole Qin was also a French, in the case White made some incorrect moves and lost a pawn and the initiative.

Another French in Roy Seabrook vs Caroline Yan. White played some unlikely moves ( 5. Be2 6. O-O 7. Re1 8. Bf1 ) but Black failed to take real advantage and the game evened up and White eventually won.

Don Eade had some chances against Keith Ward but settled for a draw.

D Grade

Upsets were:

  • Abraham Deng beat Xinyang Liu (via a lucky fork after being behind the whole game)
  • Kendrick Zhang beat David Ansell
  • Brian Zhao beat Winston Weng