2019 Autumn Cup – Round 2

The Autumn Cup is being played on Monday in April, May and June and consists of two Swiss Grades. It is Nationally Rated.

Vega Links: A Grade , B Grade

Autumn Cup Round 2 pgn by Ewan Green

A Grade

Jasmine Zhang vs Bruce Watson – Black gradually built up an advantage. White resigned after Black won a piece. 0-1

Zhang vs Watson. Black to play and win

Alphaeus Ang vs Erwin Koestanto – Black gave up a pawn to give White tripled isolated pawns. But once things swapped to a King and pawn endgame he was just lost. 1-0

Don Eade vs Paul Garbett – White got a little lost in his opening that and allowed Black equality. He then missed a tactic and ended up an exchange and a pawn down. 0-1

Michael Steadman vs Alex Nagorski – White players the amusing named “Santasiere’s Folly” and Black chucks in a pawn counter-sacrifice on move 2! (see diagram). Black got a good attack but it eventually petered out into a Draw.

Steadman vs Nagorski – 1. Nf3 d5 2. B4?! e5?!

Euan McDougall vs Allen Fan – Whites unusual opening through Black off a little but he adapted and then found some tactics to pick up and exchange. Mate followed quickly. 0-1

Mohammad Bashar vs John Duneas – White had a good start with a unusual opening line that the computer liked. However a couple of quiet moves by White allowed Black to turn up the pressure and invade White’s position with pieces and pawns. 0-1

Gordon Morrell vs Anya Thurner – White outmaneuvered Black in the middle game and got a couple of pawns and a much better position. Black resigned in the face of losing a piece. 1-0

Nigel Metge vs Karl Holdo – White got an advantage in the opening and slowly swapped off pieces while keeping up the pressure. Eventually Black resigned on move 70. 1-0

Tim Ha vs Jordan Lewis – Black got into a nice position and a pawn up but pushed a pawn in front of his King that allowed White a tactic. The players took a draw rather than following the unclear line (which the computer says is slightly better for white).

Joe Wang vs Felix Xie – White seemed to get a little lost in the opening but came out a little better. White was going well in the middle game but miscalculated a sequence of swaps and lost a piece. 0-1

Boyuan Zhang vs Nathan Goodhue – White has a good start but got a piece trapped and lost an exchange. 0-1

Simon Lyall vs Philli Park-Tamati – White got a good position but missed the best move and instead ended up swapping into an endgame a pawn down. Black got a past pawn which forced White to give up a piece, but white was able to take Blacks last pawn to leave Black with just a bishops against a King. Draw

Abraham Deng vs Arkadi Polyakevich – Black was a little passive in the opening allowing White top push pawns and pieces forward and leave Black very cramped. White then found some tactics and was able to pick up material. 1-0

Andrew Michael vs Ajit Pendharkar – Fairly even but Black allowed a couple of tactics that enabled White to pick up material and win. 1-0

Virginia Milne vs Kendrick Zhang – Black Miscalculated and lost a piece. White was about the win easily from there. 1-0

Upsets in Round 2:

Alex Nagorski drew with Mike Steadman
Philli Park-Tamati drew with Simon Lyall
Andrew Michael beat Ajit Pendharkar


After 2 rounds there were just 4 players still undefeated on 2 points. Bruce Watson, Paul Garbett, Allen Fan and Alphaeus Ang.

B Grade

Jacob Chai vs Scott Treanor – The players seaily swapped pieces into a drawn endgame. Draw

Vincent Cai vs Thomas Zheng – White got some good positions but was slow at pressing his advantage. White eventually got a couple of pieces up in a won position but allowed Black to sneak a checkmate. 0-1

Adam Macauley vs Yolanda Chang – Black picked up a pawn and some pressure. Eventually White made further mistakes to allow Black the win. 0-1

Upsets in round 2:

Joseph Xin beat Wayne McDougall
Jocob Chai drew with Scott Treanor
Jack Chen beat Alan Leach
Kelvin Xiao beat Philip Te Whata


Three players are on Two points; Thomas Zheng, Yolanda Chang and Jack Chen.