2019 Summer Cup – Round 7

This was the last round of the tournament. There are some catchup games remaining in B Grade. A reminder to get in your entries for the Autumn Rapid (starting April 1st) and Autumn Cup (starting April 15th)

March 25th was the last night for discounted subs. Please contact Mike Steadman asap about paying your sub if you have not already.

2019 Summer Cup R7 PGN by Ewen Green

A Grade

Daniel Gong vs Nathan Goodhue – Black tried his usual pawn chains but White instantly broke out an sac’d a Knight for 4 pawns. After piece exchanges Black game back a piece for two pawns leaving White better. He was able to push though a passed pawn. 1-0

Mike Steadman vs Alex Huang – An unbalanced game with White generally better. eventually White got a winning threat. 1-0

Alexei Kulashko vs Allen Fan – White gave up two pawns but picked up a piece. He then won some pawns back and eventually more material. 1-0

With all games played the Winner is Alexei Kulashko with 6.5/7. Second is Daniel Gong on 5 points.

B Grade

Alex Nagorski vs Caroline Yan – White got a good opening and a strong attack against Black’s King in the middle game. But Black managed to defend well and then win a piece when White allowed a fork. Black had a straightforward win from there. 0-1

Euan McDougall vs Simon Lyall – A fairly even opening until White unwisely pushed a pawn and allowed Black to cramp White’s position. Black was unable to find the best continuations (especially once his time was low) and then game swapped down to a draw.

Clinton Wells vs Jasmine Zhang – An even game until White gave up a piece for an attack which faltered. 0-1

Jasmine Zhang won the grade with 5.5 ahead of Alex Nagorski on 5. Paul Macdonald has a chance of matching Alex due to unplayed games

C Grade

Tim Ha vs Karl Holdo – A fairly even game until White miscalculated and gave up a piece. However Black misplayed the endgame and White managed to sneak a draw via perpetual check. Draw

Felix Xie vs Jordan Lewis – White was a little better from the early middle game and slowly increased his advantage by picking up material. 1-0

Xinyang Liu vs Akshay Sharma – Black made a series of errors in the opening and resigned on move 19 with a lost position. 1-0

Winston Weng vs Aaron Wang – Black allowed his king to become exposed to an attack and then made a mistake defending which quickly lost. 1-0

Winner of the Grade is Felix Xie on 5.5 with Jordan Lewis and Tim Ha second-equal on 4 points.

D Grade

Joe Wang vs Jeffrey Yu – White miscalculated an exchange and lost a piece. 0-1

Thomas Zheng vs Anya Thurner – White picked up a pawn but then got a piece trapped and was unable to find the right moves to keep it. Black then swapped pieces to a won endgame. 0-1

Philli Park-Tamati vs Boyuan Zhang – White got ahead an exchange but then made some mistakes and took a draw with the position even but unclear. Draw

Erwin Koestanto vs Stephen Peak – Black mounted an attack against White’s castled King. Black defended well but the players agreed to a draw, perhaps White feared making a mistake. Draw

Upsets in Round 7

Eden Oshri beat Hunter Po’e-Tofaeono
Hannah Xu beat John McClory
Ethan Liu drew with Neil Sonnekus
David Zhu beat Sylvia McDougall

Winner of D Grade was Jeffrey Yu on 6.5. Second was Anya Thurner on 6.0 and Philli Park-Tamati, Joe Wang, Ajit Pendharkar, Boyuan Zhang and Mohammad Bashar were third-equal on 5 points.