2019 Summer Cup – Catchup Games and Final Results.

There were some catchup games played at various points in the top 3 grades when people were not able to make it on Monday. 5 of these are below along with the final results.

Draw: A, B, C (round-robin schedule)
Vega Links: A Grade , B Grade , C Grade , D Grade

PGN of the 5 catchup games

B Grade Round 7, Don Eade vs Paul Macdonald – After the opening Black got a better position and an extra pawn. But As the players swapped down to a rook and pawn endgame White got the pawn back and then lost another. However Black’s edge was not enough and White was able to hold a Draw.

B Grade Round 3 – Simon Lyall vs Paul Macdonald – A very similar openign and early middle game to the previous game. Black was better for most of the game but allowed White to pickup a pawn goign into the endgame. White didn’t find the best moves and the game was a draw.

C Grade Round 5, Xinyang Liu vs Winston Weng – White looked better coming out of the opening but opened up a big hole in his King side. At the right mement Black moved a Queen and two rooks over and quickly won. 0-1

A Grade Round 1, Nigel Metge vs Mike Steadman – White punched a huge hole in Blacks position and stormed in. White missed a few of the best defending moves and was lost. 1-0

B Grade Roun 1, Alex Nagorski vs Euan McDougall – White was a little better for most of the game but made a mistake in the endgame and allowed Black to get a passed pawn. 0-1

Final Results

A Grade: Winner is Alexei Kulashko with 6.5/7. Second is Daniel Gong on 5 points.

B Grade: Jasmine Zhang won the grade with 5.5 ahead of Alex Nagorski on 5.

C Grade: Winner of the Grade is Felix Xie on 5.5 with Jordan Lewis and Tim Ha second-equal on 4 points.

D Grade: Winner was Jeffrey Yu on 6.5. Second was Anya Thurner on 6.0 and Philli Park-Tamati, Joe Wang, Ajit Pendharkar, Boyuan Zhang and Mohammad Bashar were third-equal on 5 points.