2019 Autumn Rapid – Rounds 1-3

A Reminder that the Autumn Cup will be starting on the 8th of April. Entries so far are online. Please check and enter soon if you want to play. Please discuss with Simon if you which to switch Grades.

Vega Links for Autumn Cup: A Grade , B Grade

Autumn Rapid

The Autumn Cup is the Second Leg of the Club Rapid competition. Scores in it are counted along with the Blitz and Spring Rapid.

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Top Upsets

Round 1:

Ying Wang beat Ajit Pendharkar

Round 2:

David Zhu beat Renae Ghadiali
Philli Park-Tamati drew with Alphaeus Ang
Lewis Jordan drew with Allen Fan

Round 3:

Tim Ha beat Nigel Metge
Nathan Goohue drew with Alexei Kulashko
Alex Nagorski drew with Paul Garbett

Due to Many players taking half point byes in round 3 and a sprinkling of draws only two players are unbeaten after 3 round. Tim Ha and Bruce Watson. Another 11 players are on 2.5