2020 Summer Cup Round 2

A reminder that the Bay of Plenty Rapid is in Tauranga on Saturday the 29th of February. Tournament Website

After a panicky request, a draft draw for round 3 is available below. This will change on the night due to byes.

Vega Links: A Grade , B Grade

A Grade round 2

There were 5 upsets in the top 10 boards (4 draws, one loss) so things are already getting mixed up.

Just 5 players are now on 2 points while 12 are on 1.5

Upsets in A grade Round 2

  • Yolanda Chang beat Nigel Metge
  • Jordan Lewis drew with Daniel Gong
  • Felix Xie drew with Ben Hague
  • Hao Tang drew with Michael Steadman
  • Hugh Gao beat Abraham Deng
  • Mathew Steadman beat Rauen Le Grange
  • Don Eade drew with Gordon Morrell

B Grade Round 2

7 players on 2 wins after 2 rounds

Upsets in B Grade Round 2

  • Sophia Feng beat Philbert Zhai
  • Kenny Liao beat Lucas Xiao
  • Anderson Chen beat Maxwell Xiao
  • Paul Kane beat Adam Macauley

Potential Draws in Round 3