Registration for 2020 Autumn Rapid and Autumn Cup

The Autumn Rapid will be starting on March 30th while the Autumn Cup is on April 20th. Due to lack of space we are limiting entries to both and opening entry in stages. Please read below for details.

Limit on Field Sizes

Autumn Rapid – 75 players
Autumn Cup – 85 players

Entry dates

Entries should be via the sheet at the club or a text or email to Simon Lyall ( 021 575 233 ). Text message is preferred

6pm March 8 – Open for players who played in the Summer Cup A Grade

6pm March 13 – Open for players who played in the Summer Cup B Grade (plus players above)

6pm March 20 – Open for all

Entries are first-in-first served within each group. Players will be expected to have payed subscriptions before the start of the rapid. Early entries will be ignored.

Entries are not confirm until posted on website.

Grades in the Autumn Cup

Sorted of players will be via Current FIDE rating with NZCF rating as a backup.