2020 Summer Cup Round 5

There were a large number of players taking byes in Round 5 due to exams and concerns over Covid-19. A reminder that half point byes are always available on request provided they are notified before 6:45pm on Monday evening.

We will do a further post on the weekend regarding Covid-19 and the Chess Club.

For now a reminder that entries for the Autumn Rapid and Autumn Cups are now open for all players who played in the Summer Cup.

A Grade Round 5

Allen Fan and Alphaeus Ang got wins to share the lead. Daniel Gong is just behind on 4 points. Another 7 players are on 3.5

Upsets in A Grade Round 5

Rauen Le Grange drew with Gordon Morrell
Euan McDougall beat Nigel Metge
Virginia Milne drew with Abraham Deng

B Grade Round 5

The Leader from round 4, Neil Sonnekus was beaten by the underrated Anderson Chen.

Anderson is now in the lead by himself with Neil, Mike Steiner and Baraa Al-Afaghani half a point behind.

Upsets in B Grade Round 5

Anderson Chen beat Neil Sonnekus
Pranav Shenoy beat Adam Macauley
Charles Liu beat Lucas Xiao
Adam Ali beat Luiz Stephany Filho