Monday night of Dec 6 – Swiss rapid, Friday Dec 10 – team battle

A short notice from Craig Hall after the NZCF Council met on Dec 3, “South Island Championship and Congress approved to go ahead as currently scheduled, vaccine passes will be required apart from approved exemptions (under 12 years 3 months old, or approved by Ministry of Health).”

Let’s celebrate this with another team battle! The traditional “random participant lottery prize” is guaranteed.

Congress Ahead 20211210 Team Battle, 3+2 Blitz
Dec 10, 2021, Friday 7:30 PM

You can join and play any time from 7:30 to 9:30 PM for your club. Some clubs are already added. If you want to add your local club, please let @TimothyHa know.

Also scheduled:
Monday, 10+5 rapid arena, (7:30 PM)
Friday, 1+0 bullet arena, (9:30 PM)