Monday night of Sep 6 – Swiss rapid, Friday Sep 10 – team battle blitz

Online NZCF chess for the week:

Monday, Sep 6, 7:30 pm, six-round Swiss of 10+5 rapid – – this is a Swiss tournament, so please join 5-15 mins before the start if you’re unsure you can make it in time, to not forfeit the first-round game when you joined too early in advance. If you’re not in the NZCF team yet, please make sure you meet all the requirements on the team page for joining.

Friday, Sep 10, 7:30 pm, Team Battle of 3+2 blitz, more than 10 teams – – please join this team battle in advance to show interest. Play for your club or the NZCF team. If you want to add your local NZ club, please contact @TimothyHa. Thanks.