CM Alex Nagorski won the Spring Rapid

It was another Nagorski — McDougall finale at an ACC club tournament, Spring Rapid this time, and with colours reversed compared to the recent Winter Cup.

Going into the last round, Euan McDougall was leading the tournament by half a point and needed only a draw, but Alex Nagorski beat him from an equal endgame position, being more precise in an “every Russian schoolboy knows” type of endgames.

The given position is when Alex spent 13 minutes of a 25+5 game to find a plan. The long think paid off. Yolanda Chang and Grayson Po’e-Tofaeono are two other players finishing second equal with Euan, ahead of Alphaeus Ang, Bruce Wheeler and Justin Wang who finished third. Both Yolanda and Grayson scored 3/3 in the last rounds.

Vega link with full results

DGT boards (round 4 is missing due to a technical problem)