ACC won the Auckland Interclubs in A-grade, B-grade, and Junior!

Congratulations to our teams who performed really well in the Auckland Interclubs this year.  Back in August, on Sunday 20/08 we won the A-grade on tiebreaks after tough matches with Summit and North Shore.

On Saturday 28/10 we won the Junior (rapid) Interclubs comfortably, with two teams from ACC which came first and second ahead of North Shore and Summit.  It’s been 7 years since the last time we won the Junior Interclubs.  This year we had a very solid group of players born in 2009 and 2010 and some younger stars like Daqi 🙂

And on Sunday 29/10 our team drew with Summit to win the B-grade tournament!

Well done, and thanks to everyone who played for ACC!  It’s a long list, but you can find the names in the detailed pairings on the following pages (click each round)


We still have one more event, the Blitz Auckland Interclubs in December, and we’ll probably have two teams playing there, A and B.  We’re the defending champion for that event.

Two ACC teams, A and B, which came first and second in the Junior Interclubs